Lane High School
1940 – 1974

October 1, 2022, from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm, we will hold our annual MULTI-CLASS REUNION for all who attended Lane High School.  Mail your Registration to reserve your seat.

The newest edition of the Lane Multi-Class Reunion newsletter has been mailed and emailed.  All details about the October reunion and Registration form are included.

The newsletter is also on this website, listed under Newsletters

Lane High School Onward – fight song

Lane High School onward, onward to fame. 
Push on ever forward, keep your good name. 
Forever we’ll sing out, SHOUT out the cry. 
Forever loyal to our school, hail to Lane High!

Lane School Song taken from Rifle Rangers by Karl King.  Lyrics originally
written by Mr. Sharon Hoose, director of Lane High Band from 1941-1974 and re-written for Charlottesville High School by Mr. Vincent Tornello, Assistant
and Marching and Jazz Band Director at Lane 1972-1974,
Director of Bands at Charlottesville High School 1974-2009.

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), Webmaster

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