August 2022 vol. 63

August 2022 VOL. 63

Chip BICKERS (69), Head Coordinator of Lane High Reunions Committee
55 Bolling Ave Circle Palmyra, VA 22963

Larry JOHNSON (68), Treasurer and Assistant Coordinator
104 Oak Forest Circle Charlottesville, VA 22901

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), Contact for Additions or Changes to records
Phone: 434-591-0033 (please leave a detailed message)

Website: – visit often!
Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), webmaster

Facebook: Lane High School Annual Multi-Class Reunions

Annual Multi-Class Reunion of Lane High School
October 1, 2022 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department
3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick, VA 22947
Masks only required for unvaccinated classmates and guests
Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!
See page 10 for Reunion Registration Form

We are excited to announce our next reunion, open to anyone who attended Lane High School. We had many positive comments on the venue, and we will meet again this year at the East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department. Wayside Takeout will cater our lunch. There are a few changes this year that we hope will enhance your experience. Name tags for all who register in advance will be placed on the table for each class. If a class has multiple tables, the name tags will be on the first table. We will meet you at the front door to mark your attendance. If you have not pre-paid, or have not registered beforehand, a volunteer will help you fill out a Registration Form and collect your fee.

A slide show presentation will be shown on the TV screens throughout the afternoon, showing the afternoon program and pictures of past reunions. We will take class photos again this year, and we plan to sing the school song together! If you want, bring your band instrument to join in. We encourage you to plan dinner or other gatherings with classmates that weekend. As you leave the event, you are free to take balloons with you, but please leave the flower arrangements on the tables.
We hope you will join us for this joyful celebration of our Lane High School years.

August 14, 2021 – August 1, 2022

John Stuart WATKINS (59) loves this newsletter and although I graduated from FishBurne Military School in 1959, Lane High is still in my blood. Venable Elementary School is now an administration building, or it was my last visit, but those were fond growing up years, as well. Hello to all and I have good memories of many. Now living in Tucson, Arizona with my wife of 60 years, Jeanette. One day/year I will make it back, not for a funeral visit, but to visit and maybe see a friend or two. Stuart Watkins, 36251 S. Golf Course Drive, Tucson, AZ 85739, 520-818-0844

Joan MASON Stromberg (70) wrote: Thank you for the newsletter. It is great and filled with very interesting information! I did notice that Jean (Mason Perkins Varner) date of death is 07-09-2017. That needs to be corrected. I’m still reading it with amazement. Thank you again so much for adding myself and my sister, Sandra Livingston, to your listing. Stay safe and well. Joan Mason Stromberg

Woodrow BIRCKHEAD (53) wrote: I am living in Towson, on Joppa Road At Blakehurst. I am doing very well. I am glad our reunions are still going on and I would love to attend another one. Not sure I will be able to since I gave up my car and driving but I may be able to prevail on one of my children to bring me in. My son brought men to the last one I attended. I will consider this one and thank all of you for the wonderful job you have done.

Roberta ISABELLE Harlow (60) wrote: FOR YOU AND THE COMMITTEE: Quick note to let you know YOU ARE APPRECIATED as are the other Committee members!!! I/We appreciate all that you do in this unique part of our world! The thread that ties all who will attend or have attended or are graduated from Lane High School (WWII/Korea/VietNam), we all share something special – no matter our age, what classes we took, the instructors we had, or the number of “A’s” on our report cards: WE WERE PREPARED for the world we were about to enter. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Kathy FELGER Barnhill (70) wrote: This is the first time I have received a newsletter! It is wonderful and I would like to continue receiving your communications. I will try to come to the November all class reunion and recruit other 1970 classmates. Thank you and your team for your dedication to keeping us all in touch!

Marty ROBERTS Wallauer (54) wrote: thank you. I was in the class of 1954. I was friends with Marry Lee TEAL, Betty MARTIN, Charles MILLER, and a number of others and was glad not to see their names on the deceased list. I have lived in Oregon for a long time and have three married children and 4 grandchildren. One of them is married, too. I would love to join you but with the resurgence of Covid-19 and the Delta variant, I don’t plan to get on a plane. I hope all goes well with the reunion.

Ray TAYLOR (50) wrote: First of all, you and the staff do a great Job, thanks a lot. In Memoriam I do not see Shirley CLARK McCormick listed as having passed between February 4, 2020 and August 13, 2021. She passed February 9, 2021. Just wanted to pass it on to you.

Jim SIMMONS (70) wrote: So nice to get this newsletter from you. So sad to see how many of my classmates have passed on. Thankful that I’m still around though. I saw the note in there from Bob Snoddy. I have to assume that’s the Bob Snoddy that was a pharmacist for many years at Standard Drug. I worked for him as a prescription delivery person after school hours and on weekends while attending Lane. I would love to come and see him and will plan to get down there, assuming COVID
doesn’t put the kibosh on things again. It’s been a rough couple of years… I retired in 2019 just in time to go on full lockdown in my home for a year and a half. So much for retirement! Ha. Still healthy, vaccinated, and COVID-free, though. Take care! Jim

Ken WALLENBORN (47) wrote: Enclosed is a check for $50 for the reunion. Thank you and the reunion volunteers. What a job! Here are some deaths not recorded: Sam CRICKENBURGER (47), King RICHARDSON (47), Bobby T. WOOD, MD (47) Teddy WOOD (45) Sam WELLS (47), Max KENNEDY (47), Harriette TEBELL Long (49), Suzanne MOFFETT Meyung (50), Barbara HANKINS (47). I am looking forward to the reunion. (ED. Note: Most of the these were in the older Deceased list, not printed in the latest newsletter.)

Kirk Brandt wrote: We received the Lane High School reunion newsletter in the mail this week. My mother, Selma (Marshall) Brandt, class of 1944, really enjoyed receiving the newsletters and attending the reunions when she was able. While reading the newsletter I saw the In Memoriam section and wanted you to know that she went to be with The Lord on June 27th of 2020. She was laid to rest in Maplewood cemetery in Charlottesville. My best to you and the alumni of Lane and CHS!

John Doss Ambler (52) wrote: Have a most successful reunion. Sorry we cannot attend.

Phyllis Harris, wife of Ferdinand Douglas Harris, Jr., whose nickname was “Frog”: There’s a picture of Doug by himself standing on the steps, leaning on the wall of the main door. Dark sunglasses, Afro, (cuffed) jeans and loafers. I think that’s right. The caption reads something about black men clothing style. Doug drove a van and was a meraki of a “soul”. I never got full details from him. I met him in 1987. I know he was drafted in 1972, the same year I graduated from Fluvanna. Thank you and good luck!

Tom Mizell (64) wrote: Thanks to all that keep the reunions going! 2019 was the first multi-class reunion Suzanne and I attended. It was GREAT! One very special blessing was Suzanne was able to enjoy being with her Aunt Teeny (Hall) Burton and her daughter Tina Marie. Looking forward to November 6! Tom and Suzanne

Robert Weatherman (60) wrote: First let me say, SORRY, for this mess called handwriting. I am legally blind, a gift from Vietnam (1966-67) and Agent Orange. Second, this will be my 2nd Lane High Reunion. Sorry again, I do not have a name badge, for some reason I don’t think I got one. Third, just for some background, I just turned 80. Twenty-eight of those years I was a Hampton VA police officer. Loved every day. Fourth, I will be coming with two Lane High School buddies, Robert
Childress and Karl Mason. Look forward to meeting you. Again SORRY, for the sad mess above but thank God for “WHITE OUT”. Two checks enclosed, one for registration and one for donation. See you soon, Bob. PS I was a high jumper, broad jumper and shot putter.

Jessie CARR Haden (50) wrote: Thank you for all you do to keep us together. I am unable to attend but will fondly remember Lane on November 6 and all the good people that made going to school “fun”.

Phyllis PAYNE Baker (53) wrote: I am so sorry I won’t be able to come. I’m crippled and can’t travel anymore. My husband and I still live in Ithica, NY. He used to drive me back and forth to the reunions. We’ve been married 67 years! I played in the band with Mr. Hoose as the director. I didn’t learn an instrument until the 8th grade but stuck with it. I also babysat Mr. Hoose’s children. I will miss seeing everyone at the reunion, especially Peggy THOMAS Madison. I hope you have a wonderful time! My email address is now

Leslie LISLE (51) wrote : I can’t be there in person, but I wish the reunion folks all the best. I’m in reasonably good health but feeling the years (87) a bit. Patricia and I will be wintering in Florida this year. It’s my first winter there since graduate school. Music remains my primary focus, though the pandemic took away most group musical activities. The rest of the year we live in Coventry, CT, a small New England town in a rural area. Best wishes to all.

Laura Ballard wrote: I wanted to let you know that my father, Ernest E. PAYNE (43), died on November 17, 2020.He graduated from Lane High School in 1943. He came to several reunions years ago and as years passed it became more difficult for him to attend. He enjoyed receiving the newsletters and always spoke fondly of his time at Lane High. I recently came across a book that was given to him by a teacher at Lane High (Miss Butt). It must have been a very special memory for him to have kept it. As is evident in the obit, Dad lived a long and full life and is missed immensely. Thank you for your dedication to preserving the history of Lane High.

Anita CONNOR Quick (56) wrote: I am sending a check to help with the Lane HS newsletter. It is in memory of my 1956 graduate friends – Virginia BRUCE Sullivan, Jimmy OUTEN, Catherine SETTLE Anas and Alice STAUFFER.

Edwin Roseberry (42) wrote: I am sending $100 to help pay expenses for the 2021 Lane High School All Class Reunion. I am too far away (2,900 miles) and too old (96) to make the trip this year. In the past I have attended more than twenty Lane High School Multi-Class Reunions. In 1992, while living in Honolulu, I flew back to Charlottesville to attend my 50th anniversary of the class of 1942. I will miss seeing all of you young guys. For many years, I photographed the class groups who attended each reunion and judging by the In Memoriam list in your last issue, our ranks are dwindling rapidly. Keep the torch burning for many more years and give a big cheer for our fellow alumni.

Sam CLARK (59) wrote: Thanks so much for sending this beautiful chart. It will be a very helpful resource. Last Saturday’s reunion was terrific, and I hope we can do it again sooner rather than later.

Butch WILBERGER (68) wrote: Thanks for the info and want to thank everyone that put together the latest Lane Reunion. It was very nice and we had a good time. Hoping it will be held again.

Edna PROFFITT Jones (54) wrote: A note of great appreciation for your efforts in bringing together the many happy Lane High School graduates!….we, indeed, have a fine heritage! From beginning to end, it was the BEST! I shall smile each time I remember …..and look forward to our next gathering. We are a blessed people…..most sincerely, Edna Proffitt Jones ’54

Roberta ISABELLE Harlowe (60) wrote: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ALL DID IT! What a fabulous event. Anyone who has worked by helping do all sorts of things – engage someone to serve the food, work with other committee members to set the date, nail down the venue, receive reservations, combine classes and all information to do with that, arrange so many details that come up as one moves through the process, engage a photographer, and on and on!!! You thought of it all! Several things came up here during the morning that made us late. What did we notice on
arrival? The need for a few more handicap parking places. Then we opened the door and we heard laughter and conversation. The greeters at the tables couldn’t have been more helpful. The facility was fantastic, The food was delicious, The tables were set nicely in the room and decorated beautifully. The class epharima displayed well. The only thing I can think to suggest, and we may have missed it by arriving late. Introduce the class officers of each class. I hope you had planned for a take down
committee…and wish we were able to help. Thank you again for the most memorable reunion we have experienced.

Classmate deaths reported to us between August 15, 2021 and August 1, 2022.
A full list of deceased classmates is on our website,

Class, First Name, LANE name, married name, data of death (if known)
40 Mary Catherine BREEDEN Hunnicutt 2019-08-14
40 Patricia DAY Jamme 2022-02-13
41 James KEITH 2022-04-16
41 Jean LOVING Barnett 2022-02-07
41 Mary June McNETT Fuller 2019-10-14
42 Ann BEST Rhodes 2009-03-08
42 Bill DUDLEY, SR 2017-10-14
42 Joan HOLSTEAD Davies 2021-08-21
42 Loretta WARDRIP Hanley 2020-07-02
43 Pearl BREEDEN Prezioso 2020-10-05
43 Janice BUYS 2002-07-12
43 Virginia CREASY Castiel 2022-02-27
43 Dorothy ECKFORD Wooster 2021-05-08
43 John Francis EWELL 2019-07-27
43 Cleveland GLOVER 2018-07-26
43 Jessie LYON Spence 2018-02-10
43 Oran OAKEY 2022-04-18
43 Ernest E. PAYNE 2020-11-17
44 Martha DUKE Baxter 2006-01-20
44 James IRVINE 2004-05-03
44 Selma MARSHALL Brandt 2020-06-27
44 Jack MARTIN 2007-09-23
44 Frances TOWNSEND Marks 2007-01-20
44 Polly WATTS Dalvera Keys 2019-05-14
45 Frances BIBB Meadors 2019-10-25
45 Patricia DAY Jamme 2022-02-13
46 William Linwood CRITZER 2019-03-20
46 John DUDLEY 1998-05-12
46 Evelyn EASTON Corner 2020-06-09
46 Mary Nicol SHENK Dodd 2020-08-04
47 Ann LEA Barbour 1990-08-25
47 Lois Irene NORVELL Wheeler 2022-05-14
47 Bobby T. WOOD, MD
48 Mary Ann TYLER Mize 2021-11-04
48 Carroll WORRALL Moore 2008-10-09
49 Jean DUFF Easton 2020-12-05
49 Mary HANTZMON Ehinger 2018-11-25
49 Shirley WOOD Brown 2021-09-29
50 Thelma CRITZER Crenshaw 2022-04-29
50 Lottie Lee GARDNER Huckstep 2021-03-05
50 Patricia HIBBERT Cooke 2022-07-21
50 Suzanne MOFFETT Meyung
50 William SCRUGGS 2016-10-05
51 David BINGLER 2021-12-16
51 Charlotte LEAVELL 2006-03-12
52 Clayton COLEMAN 2022-02-13
52 Alice CRITTENDON Shields 2020-08-01
52 John Wesley CRITZER 2021-12-24
52 Lawrence GIBBS 2018-05-25
52 Barbara McCLARY Peets 2019-08-17
52 Ellen McLAUGHLIN Mitchell 2020-04-30
52 Winnie NORVELLE Kessler 2022-01-09
52 James SHISLER 2021-09-04
53 John ANDERSON 2022-02-03
53 Jean BRYANT Scarborough 2019-10-24
53 Sue HACKETT Humphries 2016-12-26
53 Carleton M. LUCK Sr 2021-12-13
53 Martha Anne MAHANES Claxton 2020-07-31
53 Charles Andrew ORSER 2022-06-09
53 Harry Carson POND 2021-09-10
53 Ellen WALKER Brandt 2020-01-22
54 Allie Mary DAVIS Marshall 2014-09-12
54 Mildred GEER Morris 2021-11-22
54 Russell ‘Bud’ KELLER 2021-11-22
54 David LOGAN 2020-04-14
54 Joan MORRIS Gillette 2007-02-28
55 Holmes Edward CHAPMAN 2022-01-25
55 Shirley CLARKE McCormick 2021-02-09
55 Beverley HACKETT Rice 2017-08-31
55 Hunter HUGHES 2022-03-28
55 Charlotte Ann JOHNSON Buckmaster 2008-12-28
55 Curtis NAYLOR 2021-11-05
55 Joyce Roselyn OMOHUNDRO Borst-Parrett 2019-07-03
55 Carroll SMITH 2005-12-08
56 David CALLAGHAN 2021-10-06
56 Albert Howard HADEN 2019-08-13
56 Alford McCAULEY 2022-05-02
56 Peggy THOMAS Custalow 2017-01-06
56 Elizabeth Sue Ann WOOD Mawyer 2021-12-31
57 Richard Lewis ALBERT 2022-01-29
57 Betty BARR McClure 2022-02-25
57 Harry Warren MARSHALL JR 2011-03-21
57 Charles S MILLER 2021-10-12
57 Mary Catherine SETTLE Anas 2021-07-25
57 Virginia STEVENSON Murphy 2021-03-06
57 Robert F. TAYLOR 2021-09-16
57 Celia THOMPSON Taupin 2022-06-20
57 Elizabeth WIANT Goodlake 2021-06-03
58 Mike ELLIOTT 2017-04-06
58 Betty GIBSON Crenshaw 2022-02-27
58 Harvey HAGUE 2021-08-25
58 Judith HORTON Burleson 2014-03-22
58 Sylvia LANE Perkins 2022-05-29
58 James Alexander LEITCH III 2021-10-14
59 Harry ‘Buddy’ DURHAM 2021-11-30
59 Sterling DURHAM 2021-12-25
59 Tom EDWARDS 2022-05-03
60 John CRONK 2022-01-06
60 Judith KNIGHT Lynch 2022-05-19
61 John Harby EELS 2022-06-15
61 Gloria HANEY Fletcher 2022-02-19
61 Burt KEEBLE 2022-02-13
61 Marianne MONEYMAKER Webb 2012-07-05
63 Carolyn HARRIS Herndon 2022-07-20
63 Carol PLEASANTS Johnson 2021-11-17
64 Sherry RUDAY Collins 2021-07-30
65 Michael MAHANES 2022-03-20
65 Ardna OFFIELD Giannini 2021-12-10
66 Melvin ‘Booty’ MORRIS 2022-05-15
67 Tom BEHRENS 2002-10-11
67 Larry BRADSHAW 2014-09-07
67 Deborah BROWN Crenshaw 2012-11-05
67 Mike CHRISTIAN 2012-04-21
67 Tom ‘Turk’ DANDRIDGE 2021-11-29
67 Steven FIELDS 2010-11-04
67 Catherine FISCHER Kahn 2017-06-20
67 Ronald FISHER 2000-02-19
67 Delmar HAWKINS 2008-01-27
67 Allen IDESON 2015-03-02
67 Kathy MARKS Cosner
67 Bryan Lawrence McCOY 2019-05-09
67 Robert MEEKS 2004-08-03
67 Robert NEUMEISTER, Jr 2021-01-05
67 Yvonne PUGH 2019-01-17
67 Barbara Ann SNOOK 2021-05-11
67 Vivian STEPHENS 2019-10-27
67 Charles STRATOS 2018-02-02
67 McKinley WILLIAMS 2002-03-18
68 Nannette MORRISON 2022-07-19
69 William ALEXANDER 2022-02-04
69 Bobby BALLARD 2022-03-16
69 Clayborne W. DUDLEY 2022-04-30
69 Bob HARMON 2022-07-08
69 Earl MORRIS 2017-07-10
70 Larry CASON 2022-07-18
70 Kenneth Daniel COLLINS 2019-03-28
70 Kathy Marie JAMES 2021-12-07
71 M. Scott BRADSHAW 2015-11-01
71 Joseph William GIBSON, Jr 2022-01-29
71 David Gene POWELL 2021-08-22
72 Kenneth V. HUNT Jr 2021-12-15
73 Becky BOGGS Culberson 2020-11-01
73 Thomas James CRAWFORD 2022-04-02
74 Harry CHAPMAN 2021-10-21
74 Wanda Dale TOMS Peterson 2022-04-17
57+T Thomas CLARK 2022-02-01

October 1, 2022 from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department
3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick, VA 22947

Please fill in ALL information
Your name:_____________________________________________Class __
First Middle Maiden Last
Spouse/Guest name (circle one) ________________________Class __
Mailing address________________________________________________
City/State/Zip+4 ________________________________________________
Phone ___________________Email ________________________________
I (we) will be attending the Reunion at the East Rivanna
Volunteer Fire Department on October 1, 2022:

Number attending __ x $25.00 = $______
DONATIONS for expenses are appreciated $______
Total enclosed $______**
**Make all checks payable to LANE HIGH REUNIONS and
mail with this form to:
Jane SMITH Thomas
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
(434) 979-5932 email:

Rosters are available via email upon request at no cost.
Full roster of everyone in our records (144 pp) ____
Partial roster of certain classes – indicate classes here ____

We need volunteers! Please consider helping at the
reunion with parking, guiding classmates to the photo area,
setting up tables and chairs before and taking down tables
and chairs after the event. If you can help, please contact
Larry Johnson, or 434-409-6567 .

If you would like to bring your band instrument to help with
the school song, please feel free.

REPLY DEADLINE IS September 15, 2022