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Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!

Picnic: Friday Sept. 11  at Darden Towe Park  3:00 PM until dark $18.00

A Registration Form will be in the July Newsletter and simultaneously on the website.

The Lane High Reunions Committee has decided to expand the Newsletter and Reunions to include ALL Lane Classmates to 1974. This will be reflected in News of Classmates, listings of any other Lane Reunions, and Obituaries.

We encourage ALL classmates to go to, our website. The Webmaster, Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64) at created the website for Lane High Reunions that has something of interest for all Lane High School Classmates, including a copy of this Newsletter.

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. Below that is a feature article about Newsletters from 1988, 1989 and 1992 with poems from a Classmate.

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Howard & Betty WILSON PATILLO – ’42 – Enjoy reading the newsletter. Thanks for it. Hope you have a happy holiday season .

Charlotte BARLOW Rooney (54) Although I spent the last two years at St. Anne’s, I still have fond memories of friends and times at Lane and would love to receive the roster PDF copy at I have kept up with a few of the ’54 classmates and feel I better hurry to catch up with others as tempus fugits! I also enjoy the newsletter and would love to receive it via email. Thank you for all you do. I might get to C’ville yet.

Ellen PASCHALL Johnson ’55 – (written to Barbara TURNER ’55) Enclosed is a check to help with expenses of the LHS Newsletter. I enjoy reading it so much. I was delighted to read that you are “collecting” the checks since we were classmates. I have been gone from Charlottesville since 1957 and so it’s wonderful to be in touch with my years at Lane through the newsletter. I remember you as one of the finest of the fine! Maybe one day I will have the joy of attending a reunion and “catching up” with friends. Until that time I will continue to read about them in the newsletter.

Walter A. KING (56): Hi Lane HS friends: Dianne (Petersburg HS 57, UVA 62) and I have been busy finishing up the remodeling of our ‘down sized but upgraded’ house. We sold our house of 40 years (took one day) to pay for all this and moved about 3 miles west. We started in Feb. and the inside is now (Dec) finished. It is a 1960’s house that had to be completely gutted to upgrade electric wiring, TV and computer wiring, plumbing, furnace, hot water heater, all kitchen appliances and all laundry appliances. Repainted, rebuilt basement, etc. etc. A lot of money. Next spring is a new detached garage and new lawn. Trips have been fun. Because of all the world chaos, we are seeing the USA. Went to South Florida and a short Caribbean cruise in April, 2013; then to Branson in November, 2013; then took an extended trip to all points Wyoming in May, 2014, then a week in St. Augustine in October, 2014. Finally to the Rose Parade in January, 2015.

Vicki BICKERS Howard (64) I enclose a check to cover the cost of a print copy of the Roster and a donation towards expenses. I am a 1964 Lane HS graduate and would like to keep in touch. My father, James E. BICKERS, who passed away 11/11/11 was also a Lane HS graduate.  Thanks for your efforts.


Obituaries are all sad as they announce the end of one’s life — but they leave us as heirs to stories of lives well lived, of opportunities explored and talents developed. They are amazing, awesome, even amusing — sometimes surprising. Did Bobby Brown, the consummate jokester and prankster, seemingly without a serious thought, become CEO of an international company? Or did Billy Smith, the quiet, shy young man, so reluctant to speak, become the host of a late night talk show? Amazing! Surprising!

The Newsletter does not print full obituaries. So login to the Daily Progress obituaries daily and read about the travels, hobbies, talents, and careers of former classmates. That is where you will find the really amazing, awesome, amusing and surprising! You will find Lane alumni with careers in every field imaginable. They have traveled all over the world, authored many books, engaged in technology and science research, and contributed greatly to the arts. Some of their hobbies are unbelievable. They have volunteered much time, supported many charities. Many have worked to improve our schools and make our communities better places in which to live. Let your memories take you back a few years and dwell a moment on your high school days and your classmates. As you log out you’ll be thinking, Farewell my friends, job well done.


Virginia BROWN Bowen ( Lane Teacher) died March 2, 2015 at the Hospice of the Piedmont. Virginia was a strong supporter of vocational education. She began her teaching career as the first business teacher at Scottsville High School in 1947 and moved to her beloved Lane High School in 1950. Her final full teaching years were at Charlottesville High School, with several years of part-time teaching after retirement at Albemarle High School. She was an active participant at the state level in the preparation of teaching guides and was recognized for establishing the first state business program for special needs students. During most of her teaching years she was Vocational Office Training Coordinator placing students part-time in office jobs. She was also an adjunct member of the Piedmont College faculty for several years.

Ruby Elizabeth HAMM (39) passed away January 23, 2015. She is survived by one brother William Gerald ‘Jerry’ Hamm (49) of Irvington VA. Ruby attended Madison College. During WWII she served with distinction in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps working in the Military Intelligence Division of the War Department. Following the war Ruby worked in office management at Gilmore, Hamm, and Snyder Furniture Co. of which she became a part owner.

Marguerite Virginia MADDEX Nunley (39) died January 7, 2015. After high school, Marguerite became an EKG technician at the UVa Hospital. There she met her future husband, Dr. Wallace C. Nunley, Wherever they lived, as Dr. Nunley practiced Family Medicine and Obstetrics, she participated in many civic activities.

Michele ‘Mike’ Lee GLOVER (40) passed away November 25, 2014. She is survived by one sister, Margaret ‘Polly’ GLOVER Lawrence (46) of Lexington VA and one brother, Cleveland GLOVER (43) of Stuart FL.

Viola ROBERTS Taylor (40) died March 23, 2015. Viola retired from State Farm Insurance Company in Charlottesville.

Ernest Hampton BREEDEN ( 41) died February 17, 2015. He is survived by his wife Cary Jean COLLINS Breeden (41). Hampton served during WWII in the Army Air Corp and Air Force. Returning from the war, he resumed his studies at the UVa, graduating in 1951. He worked for State Farm Insurance at the Eastern Regional office as Underwriting Specialist until his retirement in 1982.

Margaret FLYNT Gabler Bibb (41) died January 4, 2015 in Hampton VA. She worked as a health records clerk at the University Hospital. She was preceded in death by both of her husbands, Denton GABLER (42) and Stuart BIBB (46). Margaret is survived by a sister Lyla FLYNT Pleasants (42).

Katherine MCFARLAND Ellis (41) died June 28, 2014. Katherine attended the UVa and Hendrix College in AK. She spent most of her married life in LA where she worked in the oil industry as a Division Order Analyst and later as Back Operations Manager for a branch of a New York Brokerage Firm.

Calvin Early DODD (42) died at Rosewood Village on December 3, 2014. He was a veteran of WWII where he served in the U.S. Army. Calvin was a salesman for both Fielding Auto Parts and R. M. Davis auto dealership until his retirement. He was survived by his wife Virginia who passed away on January 16, 2015.

Lyla FLYNT Pleasants (42) died March 17, 2015. Lyla was a retired employee of Spartanburg Hospital.

Glace MALLORY Deane (42) died February 11, 2015.

Alvin R. CLEMENTS (43) passed away January 3, 2015. At age seventeen, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served during WWII. After attending UVa, Alvin began his banking career in 1949 with Peoples National Bank, continuing on with Citizens Bank and Trust from 1951 to 1972. He served as President and CEO of Fidelity American Bank in Lynchburg and was founder of Central Fidelity Bank through the merger of Fidelity American Lynchburg and Central National Bank Richmond. He served as Central Fidelity’s Chairman until 1982. Alvin is survived by his wife Joan WEINBERG Clements (48) and his sister-in-law Ethel Ann WEINBERG Tebell (54).

Julia COOKE Smith (44) died January 11, 2015. She retired as the accountant of Barracks Road Shopping Center. She enjoyed her antiques, especially her vast doll collection. Julia was a charter member of the Blue Ridge Doll Club.

Hazel ADDINGTON (Marrs) Oldaker (45) passed away April 27, 2015. She was a member of the first complete graduating class at Lane in 1945. After graduating she became a secretary at Lane and continued her secretarial career with the Judge Advocate General School. She worked most of her thirty-four year career at the JAG School in the Criminal Law Division acting as a coordinator to visiting students who were taking legal courses. She is survived by two sisters, Nancy ADDINGTON Outen (56) and Fleta ADDINGTON Lancaster (58).

Barbara HANKINS Bowry (47) died March 2, 2015 in Richmond VA. She was predeceased by her brother Landon ‘Hank’ HANKINS Jr. (46). She is survived by her sister Frances HANKINS Granger (55). Barbara attended Longwood College and was very active in many community functions in Richmond.

Richard Van HANTZMON (47) died May 13, 2015. Van attended the UVa, graduating from the McIntire School of Commerce in 1951 and then the UVa School of Law in 1954. After law school he went to work at Hantzmon, Weibel & Co. where he worked until he suffered a stroke in 2002. He is survived by his sister Mary HANTZMON Ehinger (49) of Philadelphia.

Emma WOOD Balaguer (47) died January 30, 2015.

Thomas Elliott ‘Tommy’ SPICER, Jr. (48) died January 13, 2015. Tommy served during the Korean Conflict and then rejoined his father and brother as co-owner and operator of Spicer Brothers’ Cleaners. The family business served the University and surrounding community for nearly sixty years. Tommy was a graduate of the Jefferson School of Commerce. He is survived by his wife Jane SHAW Spicer (50) and his sister Barbara SPICER Denny (55).

Ruth STONER Coleman Payne (49) died January 7, 2015. She was predeceased by her husband Barrett G Payne, Jr. (42). Ruth dedicated many years of her life to the Boy Scouts of America where she served as Den Mother and ran Cub Scout Day Clubs for over twenty years.

Elinor ASHBY Burchard (50) passed away November 5, 2014. She earned a degree at James Madison University, and after her marriage she began life as a National Park Service wife. She and her husband lived at Big Bend National Park in TX, Catoctin Mountain Park in MD, Colorado National Monument, and in Black Canyon of the Gunnison in CO. Elinor also worked as a teacher. She is survived by a sister Polly ASHBY Sheets (48).

Robert Morrison FARIS (50) died December 22, 2014 at the Charlottesville Health and Rehabilitation Center. Bob served as a Lieutenant in the United States Army and was a graduate of the UVa. He retired from Sperry Marine as a buyer. He was a lifetime member of the Mooreland Baptist Church and an avid golfer. After retirement, he enjoyed working as a ranger with his friends at the Birdwood Golf Course. Among his survivors is his twin brother, John N FARIS (50).

John Patterson ‘Pat’ HADEN (50) died February 19, 2015. He graduated from Virginia Tech (54) with a degree in Engineering and was a member of the Corps of Cadets. Pat served in the U.S. Army 11th Airborne Division during the Korean conflict. He spent his career as an engineer with DuPont and Alcoa Industries, retiring to work on his farm in 1998. He is survived by his former wife, Jessie CARR Haden (50).

Bernard N MAUPIN (50) died January 9, 2015. Bernard was a thirty-five year employee of the Charlottesville Fire Department. He was a Fire Marshall for the City of Charlottesville and an Arson Investigator.

Peggy HARRIS Morris (52) died November 23, 2014 at her home in Nags Head NC.

Betty ‘Pat’ BELLOMY Humphrey (54) died November 18, 2014. She was a secretary for the University of Virginia Law School and a fifty year member of the First United Methodist Church.

Ronald Lee FALLWELL (56) of Frederick MD died January 29, 2015. Ron retired after forty-nine years with State Farm Insurance. He was a veteran of the United States Marine Corp and an avid sportsman.

Lucy DUKE Kinne (49) died April 29, 2015. Lucy graduated from Hollins College in 1953 and received a Medical Technology Certificate in 1954 from the UVa. She subsequently worked in the hospital at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton NY. She co-authored a coloring book which was used at the Three Village School District that highlighted the Setauket Spy Ring on Long Island. She was predeceased by her brothers William Eskridge DUKE III (44) and Richard Thomas Walker DUKE.

Peggy MORRIS Slaughter (51) died May 13, 2015. After high school Peggy was privileged to enjoy a career that spanned forty plus years. As time permitted she volunteered her services including many years at Martha Jefferson Hospital. She also served as Church Clerk for the First Baptist Church, Park Street. Peggy is survived by her husband Thomas SLAUGHTER (48).

Laura VERNON Ward (56) died after a long illness at UMC Hospital in Tucson AZ. Laura attended Mary Washington College. She returned to her school work after raising three children and graduated from Harper College in Binghamton NY.

Barbara GLASS Pierce Towe (57) died April 19, 2015 at her home in The Highlands of Scotland Yard in Dade City Fl. Barbara worked her entire career in various occupations at the UVa Darden School Foundation. She initially was employed there as a bookkeeper while still attending Lane High School. She retired as the VP of the Foundation and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees. This accomplishment marked the first time that a ‘non-college graduate’ and a woman was elected to the Board of Trustees. Barbara is survived by her brother Ed GLASS (55) and her sisters Becky GLASS Hyre (59) and Lenora GLASS King (63)

Charles Edward NEWLEN (57) died March 17, 2015. Charles served in the United States Army and retired from Sperry Marine

Thomas Archie MAWYER (59) died February 24, 2015. Tom worked as Assistant Administrator for thirty years in the Charlottesville Water and Waste Water Department. He was an avid UVa fan and served as an usher for UVa events for many years.

Doris HUNT Wood (61) of Woodstock VA died February 1, 2015. She was a nurse at Logan General Hospital for fifteen years. Doris is survived by her sister Nancy HUNT Aldridge (59).

Demetria Elaine PATRAS (61) passed away October 27, 2014. Demitria moved to Baltimore where she married and raised her family. She received her AA Degree from the University of Baltimore. Dee started as a bookkeeper but found her niche with Alley Animals, an animal rescue organization where she worked for over twenty. She was a teacher/trainer of both dogs and horses. Her passion in life was everything to do with animals. Dee is survived by her sisters Patricia Jeanette PATRAS Hardin (59), Nickie PATRAS Works and her brother James PATRAS.

Elizabeth DONELSON Adler (64), a resident of Earlysville VA, died in Littleton CO on March 5, 2015. Elizabeth was an accomplished musician, playing the piano, clarinet, classical and Spanish guitar, the bassoon and oboe. She was also an accomplished linguist, speaking German and French fluently and studying four other languages. She graduated from Mary Baldwin College and received her PH.D. in Spanish Literature at the UVa. She co-founded Adwel Info Systems, one of the first computer businesses in Charlottesville, taught at Piedmont Community College and taught Bible classes and counseled women at the Fluvanna Prison.

Sharon HUTCHINSON (65) died March 4, 2015. During her career she was employed by a number of government agencies and retired in 2012 from the UVa Law School as a faculty assistant. She is survived by her brothers Ron HUTCHINSON (63) and Greg HUTCHINSON (67)

Susan WOOD Gentry (68) passed away April 11, 2015. Susan retired from Sprint after twenty-three years.

Denise Lynn HATCHER Mendicino (74) passed away February 5, 2015. Denise earned an Associate Applied Science Degree from Piedmont Community College. She later earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Old Dominion University in 2012. Denise began her professional career as an administrative assistant for Salley, Weissinger and Co. and later worked as the office manager for the Cahill-Weber Group.

Dale William WILBERGER (74) died April 19, 2015. Dale was an avid racing enthusiast and mechanic and was part of the famed ‘All Chevy Shop’ race team of the 1970s. He enjoyed attending races at the Eastside Speedway and helping out many of the race teams.


Submitted by Nancy TYLER Oakey (48)

Going back and reading newsletters from the past, we came across some that need to be read by all of us. These excerpts are from Newsletters from 1988, 1989 and 1992  Mildred SADLER Johnson, Editor. Follow along the notes from a classmate, MIKE CARTER (42), who truly loved Lane High Reunions.

1988: (Mildred wrote) We have received many ‘thank you’ notes for which we are most appreciative. We believe the following letter from Mike and Vera Carter sums up the feelings of all who attend:

“I’ve been meaning to write after our last two Reunions, but one thing seems to get in the way of another, so I thought I’d just sit down and dash off something impromptu. I don’t think you will ever know how much these meetings mean to some of us. The feeling of ‘family’ has surely taken the place of the exclusiveness of small cliques and the practice of staying with your own kind that once prevailed.

High Street, Park Street, the University, Belmont, Fry’s Spring  all areas seem to have become our areas with no barriers only open hearts and hands as if we seek to find new friendships that we should have enjoyed long ago.

What you and those who have helped you have done is, in a way, truly saintly. You gave us a stage on which we could lower our barriers, reach out, know, enjoy and, for the first time in many cases, really talk to one another. Thank you!

Of course, as many of us were, I was saddened to know that some of us who were not there would never be there again, and so I feel it is important to ask you to pass this on.”


They told me once I could never go home; they said things will never be the same.
That no one there would remember me  not even know my name.
I would never find the same old town nor a friend to shake my hand:
They’d all be gone with the times we knew into some memory land.

Well, in a way, I guess they’re right; sure, things aren’t just the same,
But a happy time and smiling faces ran to greet me just the same.
We laughed and talked and told tall tales relived the life we knew,
And brought each other a lasting joy to share a lifetime through.

So don’t let them tell you you can’t go home you can if you really care,
Cause good old friends and new ones, too, are waiting to greet you there.

1989 Y’ALL COME!

Hot zig-a-dee! Mildred’s done it again! She’s rounded us up for a fling.
We’re gonna whoop and we’re gonna yell and dance and laugh and sing.
There’ll be friends from near and friends from far  things long unsaid to say
When one more time we meet again on class reunion day.

There’ll be girls galore we used to know  still pretty, pert and fit
And macho men still stalwart tall but gentled down a bit.
We’ll start the fun with remember when and end with what a night
And in between you’ve never seen such friendships come to light.

So, come you one and come you all to the Lane High whoop-t-do
We’ll all be there a hundred strong to greet and welcome you!


On 4/11/91, Mike Carter, who was suffering from leukemia, wrote (Mildred) the following letter: “I’m not trying to elicit sympathy with this letter; I simply want you to know that something very strange has happened to my psyche. Because of these near brushes with death, I seem to be able to see Lane and good old times from the other side  cross over if you will and look back  and in so doing I have written the enclosed poem, because I feel so strongly about communal relationship” Mildred wrote, “Mike asked me not to use the poem until he was gone, and not even then if I felt uncomfortable with it. His parting remark: “Goodness knows we need all the happiness we can get in our older years, so you do with it what you will.”

We also received a letter from Mike dated Oct. 5: “I am writing this letter to let you know how much I enjoyed being your friend. I hope you will be very happy in whatever comes in your life. Keep up the good work with the class Reunions.  Needless to say, I praise God for coming to know Mike in very deep and spiritual ways through Reunions, and when I read his poem at the Reunion, I felt comfortable  Mike’s spirit was definitely there with all of us. When Jean and I went by Richmond to pay our respects to Mike’s family (on our way to the Reunion), his children told us that reunions were HIS LIFE  he looked forward eagerly to the next Reunion, and spoke of the most recent Reunion for months and months.”)

REMEMBER Mike Carter ’91

Goodbye, old friends, I won’t be back to see you here again
For God has called me home to Him away from kith and kin.
How I will miss old Charlottesville and all it meant to me
And mostly you and the times we knew now nevermore to see.
Come visit for me, when I’m gone, those places that I loved
Old Main Street, remember trolley cars, with Vinegar Hill above?
Come stroll for me down Park or Ridge or High or McIntire
And let the thoughts of times we knew fond memories inspire.
Then swing away to the South or West, climb Clear Mount or Red Hill
Walk barefoot cross North Hardware Branch, you’ll have a giggle and a thrill.
Look out and away over Albemarle, as far as the eye can see
At the rolling hills and fields of home that meant so much to me.
So party for me at Fry’s Spring to the songs we loved and knew
The ones that fired exuberant youth when I was there with you.
Enjoy! Enjoy! while still you can the friends we used to know.
For as life’s day so brightly dawns, life’s day must surely go!”