February 2020



Chip BICKERS (69), Head Coordinator of Lane High Reunions Committee 55 Bolling Ave Circle Palmyra, VA 22963
Email: bickersappraisals@embarqmail.com

Larry JOHNSON (68), Treasurer and Assistant Coordinator 104 Oak Forest Circle Charlottesville, VA 22901
Email: lajohnson1950@gmail.com

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), Contact for Additions or Changes to records Phone: 434-591-0033 (please leave a detailed message)
Email: dandepleasants@outlook.com

Website: LaneHSOnward.com – visit often!
Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), webmaster

Facebook: Lane High School Annual Multi-Class Reunions
Jack Hammond (72), Administrator ===========================================================

Annual Multi-Class Reunion of Lane High School
OCTOBER 10, 2020 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department
3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick, VA 22947

Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!

Lane High School Reunions: Moving Into a New Era
By Larry Johnso

My mother, Mildred SADLER Johnson (41) started Lane reunions back in 1966 when I was a rising junior at Lane. The places they were held, the type of food, the cost, and the dates all changed over the years. But the one important thing that did not change was her passion for
reconnecting with her former school mates, no matter what year they graduated. She realized how special all these people were in helping form her identity, and I remember seeing the gleam in her eye as she talked about an upcoming reunion and the people she was going to see. I guess I inherited some of that “Lane Reunion Passion”. A new committee is working on the details and making some changes, a necessary part of the planning process of any event, but the most important and necessary detail is YOU! I want to see and reconnect with as many of you as I can. So please try to make this a priority, reaching out to others you are in contact with, planning your visit back for the Lane High School reunion 2020, and looking forward to seeing many who impacted and changed your life. I can see my mother looking down on us as we gather again this year with that gleam in her eye.

Now let me introduce the new committee to you:
Chip BICKERS (69) Head Coordinator
Larry JOHNSON (68) Treasurer and Assistant Coordinator
Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64) Secretary, Database Administrator and Webmaster for LaneHSOnward.com
Donna AGEE Leavell (70) Assistant Treasurer
David PLEASANTS (63) Memorial Research
Brenda WEAKLEY Croxton (61) Meal Liaison
Jane SMITH Thomas (67) Registrar
Nancy TYLER Oakey (48) Chief Detective
Brenda BURGESS Kavorik (70) Picnic Supply Director
Barry BREEDEN (69) Drink Supply Director
Jack HAMMOND (72) Facebook Administrator

We look forward to serving you in the future years of Lane High School reunions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been such a major part of keeping these reunions going for so many years. After many years of service, they have decided to step down this year. Bill ALDERMAN (55) and Bob SNODDY (50) have led the reunion efforts for close to 15 years. Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Snoddy (50), Barbara TURNER (55), and Bill BICKLEY (52) served the committee faithfully. Anna Jane HAYES (55) and Betty BRANHAM Glass Paine (50) assisted as well. Please reach out to these folks in any way you can and thank them personally for their dedication to Lane High School and to their classmates. We will be forever in their debt.

Details of this year’s reunion are included in this newsletter. Please save the date. A summer newsletter will have registration information and more details. We can’t wait to fellowship with you this fall.

(All of these notes have appeared on the Website. We list them here as a service for those who don’t use a computer.

July 30, 2019 – February 4, 2020

Rick HEVENER (61) wrote: Many thanks for the great job you do on the newsletter. I depend on the online version to keep up with what’s going on. I wanted to let you know that George Shore wasn’t in the Lane class of ’61. I don’t recall ever hearing the name.

Tom MIZELL and Suzanne HALL MIZELL (64) wrote: Thank you Elaine. Hope you and David are having a good summer! Thank goodness it’s cooled off a bit! We are looking forward to the reunion although I know it can’t have been 55 years!. Just no way….. We continue to be appreciative of your keeping the Lane 64 family together!! Take care, See you in September Tommy and Suzanne

Lewis PATTERSON (64) wrote: Hi Elaine. Great to hear from you and thank you for all that you do. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make the class of 64’s 55th reunion as my wife will have a total knee replacement on September 4th and be rehabbing all of September. I have let Bob Curtis know that we won’t be there. I do get together with a number of the guys from our class annually and this year we met in Harrisonburg in May. Brock is our annual coordinator and the numbers have grown each year. Have a great summer and a great 55th reunion.

Stuart WATKINS (59) wrote: Thanks for the newsletter and registration form. I should know early in August if I can make it…hope to be there.

Jeffrey NORTH (73) wrote: Good morning! I’ve just found the website, courtesy of a post on facebook by Jack Hammond. The site is amazing and I am looking forward to seeing everything posted. Please include me in the list of 1973 graduates. Jeffrey North

Ronnie MAUER (60) wrote: It was nice to receive the newsletter and browse the website. Brings back memories. I lost touch with many of my friends after graduation in 1960. One week at Virginia Beach, a surprise going away party at McIntire Park then off to Marine boot camp. I did not get a Senior picture taken so I am missing. Hope to be at the next reunion.

Betty Ann REX Spiers (60) wrote: I’m sending a donation in the mail to help with expenses. I enjoy keeping up with the news of classmates. I’m not going to be able to attend this year, but perhaps my big 60th next year! Hellos to everyone!

Gregg ELLIOTT (64) wrote: Thanks for all your hard work on this. Hope to see you at the picnic!!

Sarah FAULCONER Carlton (43) wrote: I will not be able to attend the reunion in Sept, but am sending a small donation to help with expenses. I am getting old, but I have five men in my life. I wake up in the morning and Will Power gets me up. I have to go visit John. Charlie Horse comes to visit for a little while. Then Arthritis comes to visit and he stays a long time because he goes from joint to joint. After all of this I am so tired I go to bed with Ben Gay. (From Dear Abby) A big hello to members of Class of ’43.

Lucy FIELDING Brown (60) wrote: Thank you for all the work you’ve done for the Reunion, keeping records, etc.

Joan FLORENCE Tutan (49) wrote: Thanks for all that you do for Lane High Alumni.

Sandy GOODMAN Short (64) wrote: Thank you for your good work to make this happen.

Ellen PASCHALL Johnson (55) wrote: I cannot attend the reunion this year. However, I love getting the Newsletters. Just a brief note to let you know that my precious husband of 61 years passed away last November. The journey through grief is tough because – as the Bible says – we had indeed “become one.” I regret that I cannot attend the reunion. It would be wonderful to renew friendship with friends of so many years past. Thank you and each one who contributes time and effort to keep everyone informed. I look forward to each update.

Joani POWELL Graves (60) wrote: I cannot attend, because this is my birthday weekend. My birthday is 9-15-42.

Jack RINEHART (53) wrote: You do such a good job! Thanks!

Rik HEIDLOFF (59) wrote: My check enclosed is to help defray expenses for Lane High Reunion activities. Again my calendar is full for reunion dates and I will not be able to attend the 60th for the class of fifty-nine. C’est domage. I know this is a late request, but may I reserve a paper copy of alumni directory information? I’m not an email or computer person. And thank you for pitching in to help handle the “real nitty-gritty” of keeping this bigger and bigger task on track and moving forward. With much appreciation, Rik

Sonny VIA (49) wrote: Thank you, Elaine and Jane, Rhymes with LANE! All is well in Free Union, Virginia – I am dedicated to keeping it that way! I look forward to the gathering 9-13-19 – Keep your fingers crossed – it’s Friday the 13th!

Bettie LAMONDS Mawyer (54) wrote: I really enjoy the newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m unable to attend this year, but I wish you much success.

Kelly Sweeney Hite wrote: I just wanted to inform you that my mother, Anne Francis WOOD Sweeney (51) passed away on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 86 years old. I believe she was in the Lane Class of 1951. I was going through her paperwork and noticed the announcement about the reunion.

Tom BUSKIRK (58) wrote: Thank you for your work on the Lane High Onward Newsletter. Enclosed is a donation for the newsletter. Blessings, Tom

Archie HAWKINS (65) wrote: Got the nice newsletter. Please keep them coming. It is OK to send mine via email if you want to. May save a few pennies. I have also enclosed a donation which is in support of you folks’ efforts. Just fyi: Class of ’65 will be having its 55th reunion September 14-15 2020. Details will be announced some time next year. Will try to keep you informed. Sandi and I are unable to attend the All Lane Reunion this year.

Tim Wallace wrote: Unfortunately, I am writing to advise you that my mom, Lucy EASTON Wallace (50), died this past January. She always spoke fondly of her high school days and I know she would have loved getting together with her old classmates.

Col. Edward DAY Ret. (48) wrote: Dear Elaine, So many thanks for keeping me on the Lane mailing list. Have not been responsive these past years. We do not get to Charlottesville as much as we would like because of my declining ability to drive. Just learned of Buddy LaFon’s death. We never served together. I remember meeting Marion Keller in Saigon at the start of my second tour in VietNam. Marion Keller was one of the bravest men that I have ever known – Lane Alumni should not forget him. Once Again, so many thanks. Edward Day

Ann BOOKER Richter (64) wrote: Gee whiz, Wish I lived next door …But alas I live in Geneva, Switzerland – a long, long way! I hope you have a wonderful reunion – I’ll be thinking of you. With fond memories, Ann

Julie SHUMATE Ewing (57) wrote: Although I left Charlottesville for Decatur, GA in 1956, I fondly remember the days spent at Lane High School and the good friends made there. Lost touch for many years, but several years ago a relative sent my name and address to the newsletter. Have enjoyed keeping up since. As you “pass the torch” many thanks to everyone who has worked to keep the news flowing and the reunions going. Won’t be at the reunion, but enclosed is a check to help with expenses. If Susan Brown Craig sees this, would love to hear from her. Julie Shumate Ewing, Jsewing @ gmail.com, 2410 Channing Court, Burlington, NC 27215, 919-802-6021,

DeK BOWEN (53) wrote: Thank you for all that you do for all of us.

Susan BROWN Craig (57) wrote: Thank you for making this possible for so many Lane graduates.

Louise DUNN Fuqua (58) wrote: I wish I could attend, but I’m expecting a visit from my son. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

Betty McCANN Thompson (64) wrote: THANKS SO MUCH!! This is a herculean effort.

Barbara MOUBRY Ramsey (57) wrote: Please find enclosed a check to help with expenses. I enjoy reading about our classmates. Thank you for all your hard work. Please note I have a new address in Shreveport, LA: 715 Wilkinson Street.

Mark WELLS (73) wrote: Hi Jane, thank you for your time and efforts to support and promote the Lane reunions. I met with Elaine yesterday to loan her my copy of the ’71 Chain. I appreciate her time and efforts to archive and web-update all of the yearbooks. If possible, I would like my donation to support her work. Thanks! Mark Wells ‘73

Florence GREENE Smith (55) wrote: Enclosed is $15 for the Lane High Roster. Thank you for everything you have done. Sincerely Florence


See www.dailyprogress.com for full text of most of these obituaries.
CL First Name LANE Name Last Name DOD
39 Kathleen ADAMS Lunsford 2018-10-23
39 Frank POLOGRUTO 2019-10-08
42 Charles OAKEY 2019-09-27
43 George Thomas TURMAN Sr 1981-06-22
44 Catherine BURTON Javins 2020-01-20
45 Harriette FLETCHER Portrude 2019-07-28
45 Hugh WOLFREY 2019-12-02
47 John COLLINS 2019-09-29
47 C. Pat DAVENPORT 2019-04-18
47 Carl Nelson FARISH 2019-08-01
47 Joy TILMAN Clark 2019-07-17
48 Betty Joan SMITH Straughan 2019-08-18
49 Hunter LANG 2019-11-21
50 Lucy EASTON Wallace 2019-01-17
51 Charles GODDIN 2019-09-18
51 Janet ROUDABUSH Johnson 2019-08-12
51 Ann Frances WOOD Sweeney 2019-08-25
52 Gerry KIRBY 2019-08-26
52 Laura LAMBERT Velle 2019-09-03
53 John William ‘Bill’ PHILLIPS 2019-11-15
54 Betty Ann CLEMENTS Coiner 2019-08-15
54 Carol HEIDLOFF Davis 2019-11-04
54 Joyce LANG Goodhart 2020-01-05
55 John Anderson BUNCH 2018-05-12
55 Alfred Stan HARRIS 2019-11-17
55 William (Buddy) SMITH 2019-10-29
56 Helen FERRELL Stewart 2019-04-27
55 Guy Wayne TAYLOR 2017-11-29
58 Jim BAILEY 2016-01-01
58 Gloria LAMB Baber 2019-02-14
58 John JOACHIM 2019-09-27
58 Nancy MORRIS Snead 2019-12-24
59 Connie COSTAN Austin 2018-11-26
59 Linda BOWEN Gibson 2019-11-07
59 Rochelle SHIFFLETT Wade 2019-10-12
59 Wylie WHARTON 2020-01-19
61 Dana FITZHUGH Faulkoner 2020-01-12
61 James JONES 2019-12-23
61 Mary PAYNE Painter 2019-10-28
62 Judy CRITZER Rogers 2019-11-24
63 Helen ANDERSON Hatzenbeler 2019-09-20
64 Carroll Winston SHIFFLETT 2020-01-19
65 Margie BICKLEY Thompson 2019-03-14
65 James ‘JB’ IRVING 2019-07-25
65 Toni NOGGLE Snead 2019-02-19
69 Douglas HARRIS Jr 2019-11-06
72 Gerald ALLEN 2019-11-12
74 Michael HENSLEY 2019-09-21
If you know of a classmate who passed between July 29, 2019 and February 3, 2020, but does not appear on this list, please contact

Elaine ACREE Pleasants at dandepleasants@outlook.com or 434-591-0033 (please leave a detailed message).