July 2017

July 2017 Vol. 56

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64)
4408 Dogwood Drive
Palmyra, VA 22963-4641
Phone 434-591-0033

Jane SMITH Thomas (67)
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
Phone 434-979-5932
email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

Website: LaneHSOnward.com

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!

Picnic: Friday Sept 15 – at Darden Towe Park –
3:00 PM until dark $15.00

**The registration form is the last page of the newsletter.**

It is on the website LaneHSOnward.com

We encourage everyone to visit our website, LaneHSOnward.com, frequently. Webmaster, Elaine ACREE PLEASANTS (64) works hard to keep it current with something of interest for all Lane High School Classmates, including a copy of this Newsletter. ******Some interesting news****** Elaine’s computer died in May! She got a new Dell that had Windows 10 on it. Windows 10 does not support FrontPage, the old website management program, so she is using her old laptop to make changes to the website until she can switch to a program supported by Windows 10.
Latest 6/5/17:  I have learned WordPress, the replacement program for Microsoft FrontPage and have recreated the LaneHSOnward website using it.  After the picnic when things calm down, I will contact our host company to replace the current website with the new and hopefully improved one.  One thing for sure, WordPress will never send me a notice that it is no longer supported by Microsoft! Elaine

You may request to have the Newsletter sent by email. (This saves the Reunion cost of postage) . If you do NOT wish to receive a paper copy of these Newsletters, please email, phone or send a note. We’ll keep you in the database but discontinue mailing Newsletters.

If you have any change in your status that we should know of (address, phone number, email, etc.) please notify Nancy TYLER Oakey (48) (434-293-4243) or ooakey@netscape.net.

Badge Policy Change

In 2015 the Reunions Committee resigned from maintaining and storing alumni name badges from one reunion to the next. All attendees at the September 15, 2015, picnic took their badges home for safe keeping and for wearing at their next reunion. The Committee still has badges for those who have attended a reunion in the last fifteen years. These badges will be available for those alumni when they next attend a reunion. There are no plans to continue making badges for alumni when they attend their first Multi-Class Reunion. There will be stick-on badges for your use. Also please feel free to use any badge that you may have from a former class reunion. A better idea, why not make your own? Many now own computers, printers, and scanners. So get out your senior year Chain and give it a try. Picture badges are very helpful at Multi-Class Reunions.

Sad News!  The Lane High Reunions began 51 years ago.  In 1966, Mildred SADLER Johnson (41) organized a reunion for her class.  Then she did another for her sister’s class.  This eventually grew to be the all class reunion we know today.  Mildred organized and directed the reunions, essentially by herself, for many years.  When her health began to fail, her two sisters, Sara Beth and Jean took over.  They did it for years though neither lived in Charlottesville.  Sara Beth SADLER Thacker (47) passed away in 2013.  Now, the last of the “Sadler girls” has died.  Jean SADLER Surgi (43) passed away on April 16, 2017.

More Sad News! Clyde Eugene “Gene” ARNETTE, JR (64) passed away on Thursday, February 9, 2017, lovingly surrounded by his family. He was born on March 23, 1945. Gene was born and raised in Charlottesville, where he grew up to be a local legend as the quarterback for Lane High School. He led the Black Knights to the 1963 State Championship during a 53 game winning streak. He won Virginia’s Best Player of the Year Award, and sifted through numerous scholarship offers before heading to the University of Virginia. He lettered in football and baseball, as well as winning various awards for being an outstanding athlete and student leader. While at UVA, he lived on The Lawn and was a member of Zeta Psi Fraternity, the Eli Bananas and the Imp Society. After graduating with a Master’s Degree, he served in the United States Navy, training young aviators in formation flying, air-to-air gunnery and carrier operations. He also found time to be the quarterback for the Navy Goshawks in Pensacola, Florida. Gene showed his love for his hometown by giving his time and support to many local charities and organizations, including The Miller School of Albemarle, The Virginia Student Aid Foundation, Crime Stoppers, and many youth athletic teams. He loved spending time with his children and grandchildren and was always happy on the golf course with his dear friends. He made many people smile with his gifted athletic ability and generous heart. He will be missed.

GOOD NEWS! David PLEASANTS (63) was diagnosed with throat cancer on New Year’s Eve 2015.  He underwent radiation and chemotherapy the first half of 2016 and was declared cancer free in June.  He is regaining his health day by day.  We are thankful for every day we are given!

(All of these notes have appeared on the Website)

Maxine BEDDOW Moore (42) wrote: Dear Jane, I appreciate your sending the reunion news for Lane.  I like all the information of the classmates.  All of you who work on this newsletter have a lot of work to do.  I wish I was able to attend.  We did participate in some of the reunions.  They were so much fun.  I am sending money so that I may get a printed roster and to pay for the newsletters.  Thank you so much for the help when I called.

David CARTER (44) wrote: Many thanks.  Hope to see you on Sept 15th.  Right now I am headed for spring baseball training in Florida. I will be just returning from a trip to England in September.

Iris HALL Burton (45) wrote: Enclosed check is a donation to help with expenses.

Allan WIMBISH (47) wrote: Thanks so much for the Lane High Reunions newsletter, Feb 2017, Vol 55, with invitation for this year’s get-together in September. I certainly wish I could attend but at 88 years old, I stay pretty much at home in Atlanta since leaving Virginia Beach six years ago to join family nearby. McGuffey, Lane High, UVA and Charlottesville are all very dear to me, and I’m always pleased to hear news of classmates, both the good and the sad of times. The classes of 1947 and 1948 hit especially hard with the loss of George BRANNOCK (47), Jason ECKFORD (47), Charlie CARROLL (48) and John HERR (48), all great friends! My check for a printed roster is enclosed, and my thanks go to you and all helping with this reunion .Please keep me on your list.

Elizabeth (Betty) NEWMAN Shebelski (49) Her husband, Richard Shebelski, wrote: “Betty died on April 23, 2016 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Betty died as she would have wished, quietly and at peace, on a Saturday morning, sitting in the sun on the patio of our home with the mountains and the skyline of Las Vegas as a backdrop. She very much enjoyed reading your alumni Newsletter and learning of her classmates’ activities. No matter where we lived, Charlottesville was always her true home.”

Jane YOE Duggan (49) wrote: Thank you for the reunion newsletter. Please, keep it coming!

Jim SHISLER (52) wrote: Seeking relatives, friends and information *** regarding casualties of the war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia 
I am a Founding Director and President Emeritus of Charlottesville’s DOGWOOD VIETNAM MEMORIAL, located in East McIntire Park, which was dedicated 20 April 1966, and is the first Public/Civic memorial in the United States dedicated to all who served in the war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and more especially dedicated to the twenty eight from Charlottesville and Albemarle who gave their lives in service to their country.
The Dogwood Vietnam Memorial contains a tablet on which those fallen are named.
A recent, and ongoing, project, as a part of The Memorial, is the placement of Individual Memorial Plaques which contain a photograph and a brief biography of the honorees.  We are fortunate to have complete information for most of the individuals; however, we have been unable to acquire information for some of the honorees.
It is that situation which brings me to asking for assistance from the LANE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER in seeking additional information, relatives and friends in order to complete the Individual Memorial Plaque project.
I thank you, in advance for this consideration.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help provide this information.
Jim (James D.) Shisler
Tele:   434.293.8554

Katherine LIGHTNER Jenson (52) wrote: Good luck with your project, sincerely!

John AMBLER (52) wrote: Thanks for the great job you and your fellow workers do!

Elsa LUDWIG Verderber (53) wrote: I enjoy receiving the newsletter and here’s a contribution toward the mailing, etc. Greetings to the Class of 1953. Old age is catching up with us!

Woody Birckhead (53) wrote: I enjoy getting the Newsletters and keeping up with the news about old classmates. I still attend most of the reunions and still come to Charlottesville several times a year to visit relatives. I think you all have done a wonderful job keeping the newsletter and website up to date. It is terrific to be able to scan back through the website and see the photos of so many wonderful friends and neighbors. I hope to make the reunion this coming year. Thanks very much for your service. I am so glad that I had the opportunity grow up in Charlottesville and attend UVA.

Malcomb “Mac” WOODWARD (53) sent: Check for 2017 picnic and a roster.

Jack REITZ (53) wrote: I just finished reading the newsletter. It was very interesting, but I am sorry to hear that we have lost so many. I knew a lot of them since I grew up in Charlottesville, attended Lane and belonged to the Class of 1951 and 1953 due to an interruption by the Korean War, and attended UVA, but graduated from Loyola with a BSBA after more interruptions. I loved Charlottesville and am so happy I had the opportunity to live there. I will send an email to Nancy Oakey to get the newsletter sent to me by email. Thanks for all your effort and thoughtfulness in locating me.

Harold HALLOCK (55) wrote: Hello, We are always in Maine at reunion time, but I at least want to contribute something to the efforts of sending out a newsletter.

Walter A. KING (56) wrote: Thanks Elaine, I really enjoy reading this newsletter.

Roy HUGHES (56) wrote: I wonder if you have a current email address for Carolyn Quarles McIlney (about 1954), Mcilney being her married name.  I tried to forward some Charlottesville news to her and the address I had was reported as “permanently closed”.  I try not to take every one of these events as bad news, but sometimes it is.  I hope you are well and I thank you for your energy and support of the Lane High Reunions and Newsletter.  I am a long way and time gone, but part of me is still there.  And I am not happy with the recent effort to move the statues of R.E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but there it is.  I moved away long ago, so my little play field under the gaze of Gen. Lee is at risk today.  Too sad. Fondly, Roy Hughes, Lane Hi 1956

We responded, and he wrote: Dear Lane High friends, Thank you for your kindness in my quest for Carolyn McIlney’s email address.  It turns out that somehow I had an extra letter in the address in my file.  How that happened is a mystery because we had exchanged email previously.  Perhaps she initiated those messages and I did not have to rely on my own frequently fat-fingered typing.  In any case, I have spoken to her, she is well in Delaware, and the information you have for her is correct.  All is well.  I was trying to communicate with her about the flap in Charlottesville about the statues of R.E. Lee and William Jackson and the small parks they occupy.  There is a force pressing to move those statues and redesign the only parks in the central historical neighborhood, much to the resistance of the senior set!  More will be revealed I am confident.  Take care and thank you again for your ongoing service to Lane High and the far-flung graduates.  Roy Hughes, 1956, Seattle, WA

Emmaline JOHNSON Davis (56) wrote: Thanks to all of you who do such a great job of keeping us connected. Lane High School is very special in my memories. I do remember you. (to Barbara TURNER (55)).

Barbara MOUBRY Ramsey (57) wrote: I enjoy getting these reunion newsletters and reading what is going on. I won’t be at the reunion, but I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you again for your time spent on the newsletter.

Fay HAMILTON Haley (57) wrote: Enclosed please find check to help defray cost of postage for newsletters. I prefer to receive paper copies. I appreciate all the work that goes into putting the Lane High news together. I have many fond memories from those years at Lane!

Eleanor Fay ARMSTRONG Shipley (58) wrote: My husband, Wayne, son Patrick, and I have lived in Highland Springs for over 40 years.  I retired from teaching at Mehfoud Elementary School in Henrico County after 30+ years.  Before coming to Henrico I also taught in Fairfax County and Norfolk. In retirement we have traveled Europe and Alaska and are planning to go to England this summer.  We like cycling, going to the gym, playing with our dog, and volunteering.  We enjoy life every day.  We have granddogs that we see often as our son and wife live close by.  Great work on the newsletter!

Susan TRICE Fieglein (60) wrote: I got the newsletter, so obviously you have my mail information recorded correctly. However, I would prefer receiving my newsletters by email as I am often traveling visiting children, etc. We don’t often get back east, although I did attend the class of ‘60 50th reunion which was great. I have lost track of most of my high school friends except Ann ERGENBRIGHT Mathis (46) with whom I email and Linda JARMAN Pond (60) with whom I am a Facebook friend.  Thank you for putting out this newsletter.

Roberta ISABELLE Harlowe (60) wrote: Thanks so much Elaine.  I’ll be happy to check it out on the website!  Thanks for all that you do for us!

James LAMB (61) wrote: Brenda and I are living in Myrtle Beach now.  Feel free to send us any information on the reunion and God bless.

Charles James FRANKEL III (61) wrote: I thoroughly enjoy reading the newsletter, impressed by how many successful classmates we have had and saddened by those whom we have lost. Thanks to all those who have worked so hard to put the newsletter together.
I am enclosing a donation for printing, etc. Many thanks and best regards.

Diane LYONS DeBell (62) wrote:  It was very good to hear from you and to hear a little about Lane and to see so many familiar names.  Thank you so much for helping me keep in touch.  Sadly, I missed the last 1962 Reunion because my mother was ill that year. I would love to try to catch up eventually.  I live in England.

Richard RUDY (64) wrote: Just a note to say “Thank you” to everyone who keeps the Lane info flowing.

Jim LAYNE (64) wrote: Thanks Elaine for all that you do.  My wife and I plan to attend the picnic in September.  I hope all is well with you and your family.

Nancy ERGENBRIGHT Jackson (64) wrote: I too thank you for all of your efforts to keep us connected and informed.  Please keep me on your email list.

Judy ROOD Branscomb (64) wrote: Thanks you so much for all your work keeping your old classmates informed. You’re priceless.

Sandy DEANE Curtis (64) wrote: Thank you, Elaine, for all the hard work you do to keep us connected.

Betsy CHERRY Queen (64) wrote: Thanks for sending this, don’t remember if I said I wanted to be on the list, but I do.

Belinda GILBERT Ticer (64) wrote: Thank you, Elaine…for all the updates and all the work you do to keep us in touch.  If I am not on the mailing list, I would, indeed, like to be.

Carolyn RAMSEY (64) wrote: My uncle, Maj. (Ret.) James Francis COPPS (39), (old) Lane High School Class of 1939, died on Friday, 10 February 2017, at the age of 97.  His home was in Gordonsville and he died in Charlottesville.  His obituary was in the Daily Progress.

 ******************************************************************************IN MEMORIAM
See www.dailyprogress.com for the full text of most of these obituaries.

Dorothy HARRIS Hamilton (38) passed away March 28, 2017. She graduated from Jefferson School of Commerce in 1939.

E. Fulton “Chief” DEANE (40) passed away February 1, 2017. Chief retired in 1982 as Deputy Fire Chief for the Charlottesville Fire Department after thirty-six years. He devoted his life to the Fire Service.

Betty LARAMORE Lewis (41) died November 15, 2016.

Charles H. GLEASON M.D. (42) died February 7, 2017. He enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps at age eighteen and served as a gunner in a two-person bomber in the Pacific in WII. Later, Charles, already a father of five, received his B.A. and medical degrees at the UVA and specialized in pediatrics. He joined the medical staff of the Martha Jefferson Hospital in 1960 and served there in many positions over the next twenty-eight years. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth BEHRENDT Gleason (40).

Joseph C. “Jack” LARAMORE, JR. (44) died November 4, 2016. Jack was a graduate of the UVA School of Architecture and practiced in Charlottesville for over fifty years. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. Jack was a Life Member of the Charlottesville Municipal Band for over sixty years. He played the sax and loved swing music.

Vilma MARSHALL Goeb (44) died November 13, 2016.

Samuel Fry CHASE II (45) died June 3, 2016 of natural causes. He attended Tulane and UVA, Mechanical Engineering. During the Korean War he was an instructor at the Combat Engineer Center, Fort Belvoir, VA. In New Orleans, he joined the Planning Division of the New Orleans District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and retired after thirty-one years. A Lieutenant Colonel, he worked with the Louisiana Wing of the Civil Air Patrol for thirty-seven years. Among his survivors is a sister, Nancy CHASE Holbrook (44).

Robert F “Bob” GERMAN (46) passed away April 27, 2017. He began work at an early age, helping with his father’s work for the Railway Express and the Charlottesville Woolen Mills.  Bob attended the UVA and then began a career of more than fifty years at Hantzmon Wiebel LLP where he became a Certified Public Accountant and a long-serving partner of the firm.

Helen McCAULEY Godwin (46) died June 1, 2017. Helen retired from Acme Visible Records in 1989. Among her survivors are her brother, Alford MCCAULEY (56), and her sisters, Peggy McCAULEY Guill (52) and Beth McCAULEY Turner.

Anne VAUGHAN Fortner (46) passed away April 13, 2017. She was predeceased by her husband of fifty years, Limon E. “Sam” FORTNER, Jr. (45).

Capt. Bernie E. CHISHOLM, Jr. (Retired) (48) died July 2, 2017. Bernie joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and served a tour of four years. He then became employed by the Virginia Department of the State Police as a trooper. He worked his way up through the ranks to the position of Captain, Division Commander of the Third Division in Culpeper. Bernie retired after thirty-six years. He is survived by his wife of sixty-nine years, Iris KNIGHT Chisholm (48), and a sister, Joan CHISHOLM Davis (53).

Betty YOWELL Zang (48) died March 20, 2017. She served as the supervisor of the administrative staff in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UVA for more than forty years. She was predeceased by her husband, Paul ZANG (48).

Elizabeth (Betty) NEWMAN Shebelski (49) passed away April 23, 2016. Betty spent her professional career working in the office of the U.S. Army, first in the JAG School in Charlottesville VA and then in the office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. She retired from the government in 1987. Betty was predeceased by her sister, Mary Alice NEWMAN Mallonee (48).

Ann OMOHUNDRO Wood (49) passed away suddenly March 26, 2017.

Clara Bernice DRUMHELLER Lumberman (53) passed away Mary 24, 2017. Among her survivors is her brother, Earnest DRUMHELLER (51) of Verona, VA.

Brigadier General Claude E FERNANDEZ (53) passed away suddenly March 24, 2015. Upon completion of the U.S. Military Academy curriculum, he was commissioned as Second Lieutenant of Infantry and awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree. He held a Master of Arts Degree in Personnel and Management and Administration from Central Michigan University.

Crystal JOHNSON Coleman (53) passed away June 25, 2017. Crystal spent the majority of her life as a Medical Assistant at Northridge Internal Medicine. She was a valuable member of the American Association of Medical Assistants. She is survived by her husband, A. Clayton COLEMAN, JR. (52), and her brother, T. ELSOM JOHNSON (43). She was predeceased by her brother, Paul M. JOHNSON, (46).

Frederick L. BIBB (54) died June 27, 2017. He received a BS degree from
East Carolina University and a Master’s in Education from the UVA. He taught and coached at Rock Hill Academy and Albemarle County Schools. He was also an Assistant Principal.

Martha Anne PURVIS Ohlinger (54) passed away April 16, 2017. Martha worked for many years at Grand Interiors.

Jo PHILLIPS Clover (56) passed away February 15, 2017 in San Antonio.
Jo worked locally at State Farm Insurance Co. and in medical research at the UVA. After her marriage to Williston H Clover, who survives her, they lived in numerous cities in the states as well as Mexico City. Wherever Jo lived, she was involved either in community affairs, her husband’s business or her own business endeavors. Among her survivors are her brothers, William PHILLIPS (53) and Thomas PHILLIPS (61).

Julian Rhea GRAVES (56) died June 14, 2017. Julian worked for the Yellow Cab Co., the longtime Graves family owned taxi service. He was predeceased by his two brothers, James Thurston GRAVES (42) and George Milton GRAVES (42).

Martha Gray SHIRLEY Bates (57) passed away February 1, 2017. Born in Greenwood, VA, she laid down her roots in Scottsdale AZ. She started off her career as a school teacher, but later began a Shaklee business, distributing natural vitamins, nutritional supplements, and natural makeup.

Peggy BURGESS Wharton (59) passed away May 15, 2017. She was employed for a number of years by Keister Williams Publishing Co. and retired from the City of Charlottesville as a school bus driver.

Beverly Louise TROUTMAN Bartlow (60) died April 2, 2017.

Nina HOBBS Singleton (61) died May 15, 2017. She attended Queens College in Charlotte and George Washington University. In 1963 Nina married her high school sweetheart, Tom SINGLETON (60), who survives her. In Ardmore, PA, Nina worked for twenty years in management at Cigna. She retired in 1998 to Cape May Point, NJ.

James Rhea McCUE (61) passed away suddenly November 18, 2016. Jim received a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1968 from the UVA. He spent many years stationed in Heidelberg, Germany with the U.S. Army and then was employed there as an architect before returning home. Jim lived in Florida for the latter part of his life where he owned an architectural firm, James R. McCue & Associates, Inc. with his business partner, Bruce Gervin.

Lindsay DuPratt JOHNSON (64) departed this life March 27, 2017. He attended St. Paul’s College and was a graduate of John Tyler Community College with a degree in Funeral Service Management. DuPratt was a Licensed Mortician and Funeral Director by trade, and for a number of years worked in his family’s business, the former Johnson Brothers Funeral Home.  He was an entrepreneur and worked in many professions. DuPratt was a U. S. Army veteran.

Myra Elaine BRUCE (66) died June 24, 2017. After over thirty years of service she retired from the City of Charlottesville as a Deputy Sheriff/Executive Secretary from the Charlottesville Sheriff’s Office.

Walter Gragg CHAFFIN (66) passed away March 9, 2017. Walt’s search for the perfect career included time as a District Leader for the Boys Scouts of America, a disc jockey, a minister, a realtor, a policeman, a college professor, an engraver, and a luthier.  Primarily he was an accomplished musician and devoted folk singer.  Although he never found a career in the music industry, it did not prevent him from making music his centerpiece of his life.

Dennis STOKES (68) died Feb. 17, 2017.Among his survivors are his sisters, Rebecca STOKES Mabry (70) and Bonnie D STOKES (73).

Rebecca STOKES Mabry (70) passed away April 2, 2017. In her thirty-five plus years of teaching in Albemarle and Louisa Counties, she was as touched by her students as they were by her. She was predeceased by her brother, Dennis STOKES (68), and is survived by her sister, Bonnie D. STOKES (73).

Peggy VAUGHAN Roberts (71) died April 10, 2017. Her career spanned thirty-five years at the Michie Company (Lexis Nexis) as an editor.




If you plan to attend the picnic, and you are willing and able:
Contact Bill Alderman
Address – 5 Baskin Court Palmyra, VA 22963-3015
Email – bill@teamwidget.com

You will need to arrive at the shelter at 12 Noon to help set up rented tables,
table coverings, chairs, small tents, drink stations, etc.
*When you sign up, we will take your order for Subway sandwiches for lunch.*
We also welcome your help afterwards.
This involves removing table coverings, folding and stacking
and chairs and general cleanup. When many pitch in, we get
the job done quickly!





DARDEN TOWE PARK (last pavilion on the right)

Your name: (note 1)______________________________________Class______

Spouse/Guest name (note 1)______________________________Class______

Address (if changed)____________________________________________________

Phone (if changed)_____________________________________________________

Email (if changed)______________________________________________________

If you would like a ride to the event, please Circle YES or NO

I (we) will be attending the Picnic at Darden Towe Park, last pavilion on the road.

Number attending _____ x $15.00 =     $___________

Roster (note 2) attending (enter $4.00) $___________
mail to me (enter $6.00)

Donation for expenses (note 3)           $___________

Total enclosed (note 4)                        $___________


  1. If you kept your name badge from a prior year, please bring it to the Reunion to use again. If you don’t have it, stick-on badges will be available to use.
  2. If you are attending, and want a roster enter $4.00. An up-dated roster will be printed as close to the reunion as possible, and you may pick it up at the reunion.
    If you will not be attending, but want a roster mailed to you enter $6.00. Mail form to Jane Thomas.
    You may request an emailed roster FREE by emailing Elaine at dandepleasants@outlook.com
  1. We do depend on and greatly appreciate your donations to cover printing and mailing costs.
  2. Make checks payable to LANE HIGH REUNIONS and mail to:
    Jane SMITH Thomas
    639 Big Oak Rd
    Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
    (434) 979-5932
    email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

If you have an questions, concerns, needs, etc.,
contact Jane SMITH Thomas
Please mail by Tuesday, September 5th, 2017