August 2021

August 2021 VOL. 62

Chip BICKERS (69), Head Coordinator of Lane High Reunions Committee
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Larry JOHNSON (68), Treasurer and Assistant Coordinator
104 Oak Forest Circle Charlottesville, VA 22901

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), Contact for Additions or Changes to records
Phone: 434-591-0033 (please leave a detailed message)

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Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), webmaster

Facebook: Lane High School Annual Multi-Class Reunions

Annual Multi-Class Reunion of Lane High School
November 6, 2021
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department
3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick, VA 22947
Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!
See page 14 for Reunion Registration Form

Lane High School Reunions
2021 – Back at Last
By Larry Johnson

After a most tumultuous and unusual 2020 which made having a reunion impossible, we are now ready to host our annual reunion this year on November 6th at East Rivanna Banquet Hall near the Glenmore subdivision. We selected this date as there is no football game that weekend, and the reunion is being held on a Saturday from 11:00 – 4:00. We picked this spot having used it with great success for a three-class reunion in 2019. It can accommodate over 300 people, giving us room for a larger attendance this year. It is handicapped accessible and has a large parking lot and overflow parking spaces. We plan to have Wayside once again cater the event with chicken, barbecue, various salads and vegetables, dessert and drinks as we have had in the past. In order to be safety conscious, we are providing gloves and hand sanitizer for proceeding through the buffet line and will be suggesting mask usage during that time as well. We will follow all other CDC guidelines that are in existence at the time of the event. As of now, except for the serving line, no masks are required if you have been vaccinated, but masks will be required if you haven’t been.
We are trying a few new things this year. The reunion, as mentioned above, will be on a Saturday for ease of travel, no night driving necessary, and opportunities for individual classes to get together if they would like later that day or during the weekend. There will be extended hours for the event to provide more socializing time with no need to leave at any precise time, a program to guide the proceedings, class pictures taken for each class, and tables identified by class, although you may sit with friends from any class if you wish. We are planning to have plenty of seating for the number of people attending from each class, so a reservation will be necessary in order to have this count. We appreciate your sending in your registration by October 8 if you are considering attending this year.
We hope many of you will plan to come as it has been way too long since we have gathered in person. Lane High School onward!

(All of these notes have appeared on the Website. We list them here as a
service for those who don’t use a computer.
February 5, 2021 – August 13, 2021

Jeff THOMPSON (75) wrote: My name is Jeff Thompson. I was in the 1st CHS graduating class of 1975, which means I got to spend 2 wonderful years, 10th and 11th, at Lane. Even though we got a brand new school out of the deal, at the time our feeling was, “you can take us out of Lane, but you can’t take Lane out of us”. I even got a Lane, not a CHS ring, and still have it.
Here’s my question: Do you know if there is any Facebook page or other contact information for anybody interested in CHS alumni or reunion activities? I’m jealous that you folks seem to be so organized, involved, and passionate about staying in touch!
I live in Dallas, have for over 20 years, but came back, for the first time in a long time, for a UVa reunion last summer. It was just wonderful to be home.
Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to any information you might have.

Susan BROWN Craig (57) wrote: Thank you for this, Elaine. I didn’t know if you were aware of the death of Hugh Delauney, but here is the link to the obituary: I appreciate all you do for us. Best, Susan

Bob SNODDY (50) wrote: Good to see the quality of your work on the newsletter has not diminished! Looks like the new committee has “hit the ground running”! We certainly plan to be there this fall. It may take some planning since I am now in a powered wheelchair. I can really move through the halls of WCBR. So good to once again get an email from LH Reunions. BOB (Ed. Note: we are saddened by the passing of Bob’s wife Mary Elizabeth. They both worked many years on the Lane Reunions.)

I am Harry Nelson LEWIS (44) wife, Dearing. I am afraid I do not know Harry’s class year. While he is physically healthy and cheerful, he cannot speak nor always understand. He has enjoyed past reunions but well may not be able to come to the one this spring. If you can tell me which class was his I would be grateful. Dearing Ward Johns Lewis

Diane SADLER Martin (57) wrote: I’d like to find out if Celia Thompson is still in CA, where she and her partner run a retreat center. Visited her twice there with my dc. Husband….it was lovely.. Hope to see you all in the fall. Mary Allen Odell and I plan on visiting before then hopefully, at my Mother’s home on JPA which is now A TEA ROOM AND B&B on Jefferson Park Avenue.
PS. Quite accidentally, at a reunion at Farmington Country Club a few years ago, brother Bob Sadler, class 1956, wife Dino and I sat down at a table that was entirely filled with relatives we had not met! We had a great time with these “new found” cousins. When I told Mildred Sadler that my father, Robert Watson Sadler, was the Last valedictorian at the old Charlottesville high school down town, Mildred Sadler replied proudly that she was the FIRST valedictorian at Lane High School….good genes I guess! Am glad she was inspired to start the reunions. Thanks to all you great Lane volunteers, these opportunities arise! Diane Sadler Martin

Rebecca Sacre wrote: I am the daughter of William “Bill” J. HURTT (49). I wanted to inform you that he passed on Dec. 13, 2019, after being ill for 2 years. He loved attending the reunions and seeing his classmates. I hope you continue to a wonderful turnout with future reunions.

Betty McCANN Thompson (64) wrote: Elaine, thanks so much for sending the overall Lane High newsletters and the one for our 1964 class! I have been meaning to touch base with you to update Billy McCann’s (my brother) cell phone (804) 201-3994 information (Class of 1963). If you don’t handle that type of information, just let me know who I should contact. I hope all is going well with you and David! Y’all are very special people 😉

Bob CHILDRESS (61) wrote: My name is Robert Childress. My closest friends at Lane were Bobby Marshall and Bobby Weatherman. Sadly, Bobby Marshall was killed in Viet Nam; Weatherman currently lives in Hampton. For several years now I have debated the question of me attending the Multi-Class Reunions. As my absence will prove, I’m still undecided and the question remains unanswered. The cause of my concern is the fact that I never graduated from Lane High School. I left school and joined the U.S. Air Force in 1959 when I was seventeen. In the A.F. I attended school and eventually got my high school diploma. Following that I managed to get thru Eng. 1.01 (U of Maryland extension/Japan). In January 1962 I returned to the U.S. and was stationed at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.
On November 22, 1963, the very day that President John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, I graduated from the Richmond Police Training Academy. I remained with the department until 1998, when I retired. After graduation from the Academy, I resisted education until 1970, when I finally discovered Virginia Commonwealth University. As a result, I can NOW spel gud!!
Now the Question: Am I qualified and/or will I be allowed to attend the reunion this year? [ED: YES! Once a Laneite, always a Laneite]

My name is LeAnn Keller Griffith. My father is Marion KELLER (48/49), who attended Lane High School in the late 1940’s. I’m contacting you because my cousin sent me a copy of the February 2020 Lane High School Reunion newsletter. In it is a note from a Col. Edward Day (Ret), where he mentions my father. I am trying to document my father’s military history for our family Ancestry Tree, and as with a lot of Vets, they didn’t talk much to their families about what they did….especially their
young daughters! I would love to speak to him about the comments he noted on the website. I was wondering if you could contact Col. Day, and ask him if he would be willing to talk to me about my dad? Or if I could send him my contact info?
My Dad went to Lane High School in 1948 & 1949. Before he was able to graduate, he was called up for Active Duty with the Marine Corp Reserves around 1950 in preparation for the Korean War. Soon after, he was sent to fight in the Korean War as a ground Marine. My understanding is that, when he returned, the war had such an effect on my Dad that it was determined he would be better suited to finish high school at Staunton Military Academy. I’m sure this happened to a number of
Lane High School alumni. At Lane, my dad was quite an athlete, playing football and basketball. He is in both the 1948 & 1949 Year Books. I’m still a little fuzzy about dates, because he was born in 1930, but was still just a Sophomore in 1949? I’m guess he got held back in school, but was still old enough to get picked up in the Draft. I’m sure there were probably a lot of young men that were caught in this circumstance as my Dad. Although they didn’t actually graduate from Lane, their hearts are still there. Here is my contact information: LeAnn Keller Griffith, (210) 862-7301 cell,
3204 Le Blanc Street, San Antonio, TX 78247 I am planning a trip up to Charlottesville sometime this year. I still have an Aunt and Uncle that
live in Virginia, Elizabeth “Sissy” (KELLER) Bruton (54), and Russell (Bud) KELLER (54). If you have any contact at Lane High School that I might visit with regarding any history stuff, please have them call me. I still have some of my Dad’s military stuff, and with no children to pass it on to, maybe Lane High School might be interested??

Susan BROWN Craig (57) wrote: I just (finally) got in touch with Julia Shumate
Swing. All thanks to you for putting her message in the newsletter. What a real joy to talk to an old and highly revered friend and I want you to know how much your kindness has brightened my life. I hope I can find a way to do something for you one day.

Susan Elizabeth Schwartz wrote: I have the name of a person who does not appear on the list of those In Memoriam. His name is Stuart H. REVIS (42) and he died on October 14, 2019. He was 94 years old. I don’t know what year he graduated or even if he went to Lane High School. I just got the letter in the mail so he probably did. I am his daughter so I thought I should respond.

Shirley TAYLOR Welch (56) wrote: Thank you and Elaine and Chip for all your work on the reunion. I love reading the newsletter as my husband has dementia and I have not been able to attend the reunions. I do appreciate your efforts. Enclosed is a check to help cover the costs.

Daphne Duffman wrote: I am almost a year late in letting you know that my mother-in-law passed away in April, 2019. She was Coralease HALL, class of 1945 at Lane High School. Her senior picture is inserted below, along with her obituary. She enjoyed your newsletters and sharing memories of high school days. She has one living sister, Juanita HALL Deckman (39), who lives in Georgia and is also a graduate of Lane, and recently turned 99 years old. Thank you for your time, and my husband and I hope you are well.

Joanne SULLY Tague (52) wrote: Thank you for keeping us up-to-date and I really appreciate it. Wish I could come east to one of the reunions, but travel is difficult these days and now that my brother no longer has a home in Charlottesville, it will be impossible. Thanks again for your hard work! Sincerely Joanne Sully Tague (52) Ventura, CA

Chris JOHNSON (57) wrote: Thanks so much for what you and the others do! Yes, I did receive your email and the Newsletter. I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone’s comments but sure do hate to see all of the ones that are no longer with us. However, that’s life and I am evermore thankful for the privilege of knowing as many of them as I have. Hope all are able to stay well.

Barbara PETERSON Blair (48) wrote: I would like to attend the upcoming Lane High Reunion, but it won’t be possible, and I am very sorry. Between the COVID 19 and difficulty in travel, it just isn’t something I really want to undertake at the age of 90 years. My husband Hub died last year and I am visiting my son at the moment. I, like so many others, am very grateful for the way you have kept the newsletter going. I imagine there are not too many of the Class of 48 still with us. Please accept this small donation, but please also remove my name from your roster. Have a great reunion! I will be thinking of all of you. Barbara Blair

Harold COLLIER (51) wrote: Thanks again for your help and information. It was sad to hear about the passing of some of my closest High School friends. I look forward to your next Newsletter. The reunion planned for November 6, 2021 will be the 70th anniversary for the class of 1951. I am going to put that date on my calendar and urge those surviving members who can make it, to consider it also. Please use
the money to help with some of your expenses. Thanks for the great job you are doing. Harold Collier

See for full text of most of these obituaries.
If you know of a classmate who passed between February 4, 2020 and August 13, 2021, but does not appear on this list, please contact Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64), 434-591-0033 or To those in the classes of 68, 69 and 70, classmate deaths were recently added to our records. If you can supply a date of death, please notify Elaine.

CL- First Name – LANE Name – Married Name – DOD
39 Caroly BEDDOW Gooch 2021-02-21
40 Hollis PROFFITT 2020-04-03
40 Betty RICKS Holloway 2020-04-03
41 Cary COLLINS Breeden 2020-05-20
41 Julius ‘Red’ LIVELY 2020-08-07
42 Doris HARLOW Faulconer 2020-02-04
42 Ann JONES Wood 2021-05-22
42 Stuart REVIS 2019-10-14
42 Louise WOOD Minter 2020-06-28
43 Fulton BEDDOW 2021-05-14
43 T. Elsom JOHNSON 2020-07-17
43 Dorothy LANG Johnston 2020-02-23
44 Harry LEWIS 2021-03-16
45 Hazel ADDINGTON Oldaker 2015-04-27
45 Coralease HALL Huffman 2019-04-29
46 Edna Lucille CHISHOLM Melton 2020-07-07
47 Henry BURTON 2020-05-18
47 Helen CASEY Plaine 2016-12-??
47 Iris KNIGHT Chisholm 2020-03-16
47 Mary-Rives OGILVIE Black 2020-05-10
48 Jim BICKLEY 2021-01-01
48 Jean SCRUGGS Booker 2020-04-03
49 Carroll ‘Buck’ HERRING 2019-11-12
49 Bill HURTT 2019-12-13
49 Winston JOHNS 2020-12-21
49 Mary Ann McCASLAND Johnson 2020-12-11
50 Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Snoddy 2021-07-12
50 Betty BRANHAM Glass Payne 2021-01-02
50 Betty JONES Bradshaw 2020-06-03
50 Elizabeth MAKARITIS Berkeley 2020-04-03
50 Al MATACIA 2021-07-11
50 Mary Ann PERRY Dickinson 2021-01-23
50 Jean RUFFNER Yarbrough 2020-09-14
50 Betty Lou SCRUGGS 2020-02-16
50 Samuel WELLS 2020-06-22
50 Clarence WETZEL 2020-07-15
51 Ted SEAWELL 2019-06-14
51 Nicholas THEODOSE 2020-10-06
51 Doris WATTS Harlowe 2020-07-26
52 Claudette COLLINS Birckhead 2021-04-03
52 Joanne SULLY Tague 2020-10-13
53 Beverley BELT McCauley 2021-06-15
53 LeRoy BRUTON 2021-06-03
53 Bobby DURHAM 2021-02-06
53 Donald JOHNSON 2021-01-03
53 James PARKS 2020-05-13
53 Eleanor WIATT Udart 2019-12-28
53 Tilman WOOD 2021-02-19
54 Mildred IRBY Shelton 2020-04-09
54 Florence KELLER Bruton 2020-10-25
54 Richard RABE 2021-01-30
55 Walter BIBB 2020-05-27
55 Richard PERRY 2020-10-28
55 Virginia PLEASANTS Lancaster 2021-01-05
56 Virginia BRUCE Sullivan 2021-03-04
56 Bobby COLE 2021-01-12
56 James OUTEN 2020-03-07
56 Catharine SETTLE Anas 2021-07-25
56 Alice STAUFFER Easton 2021-04-23
57 Riley BELLOMY 2020-03-05
57 Hugh DELAUNEY 2020-02-03
57 Virginia JEFFREY Dinny Stevenson 2021-03-06
57 Patricia MOONEY Steele 2021-04-10
57 Judy MOORE Freeman 2020-12-19
57 Jim SHOWALTER III 2021-06-13
58 Betty CRICKENBERGER Suddarth 2021-08-02
58 Marianne MUSTARD Rohne 2020-07-02
58 Floyd WILKERSON 2020-11-23
59 Ormonde DEANE Wilkerson 2020-06-09
59 John A FRAZIER 2020-12-21
59 Joyce HALL Page 2020-10-23
59 Alfred Stan HARRIS 2019-11-17
59 Ronnie PAGE 2021-01-16
59 Donald SANDRIDGE 2020-05-11
60 George BECKWITH 2020-02-24
60 Terry MOORE Albert 2021-03-30
61 Marianne BELL Morgan 2020-07-03
61 Paul DRINARD 2020-07-25
61 Oscar HARRIS 2020-02-10
61 Mary Lou PAYNE Painter 2020-01-01
61 John WITTER 2020-08-04
62 Margaret Ann ALRICH Ayers 2019-12-10
62 H. Wayne DAVIS 2020-06-07
62 Robert ROGERS 2021-08-03
62 Jimmy SPENCER 2020-02-20
62 Virginia Barron TAYLOE 2020-05-26
63 Tommy BROWN 2020-08-05
63 Gordon ‘Happy’ DURHAM 2020-10-03
63 Roger GIBSON 2020-06-17
63 Murriel Hampton GRAHAM, Jr 2020-21-20
64 John BARTELT 2020-06-26
64 Mark HELM 2021-01-13
64 Warren MAWYER 2020-02-20
64 Gayle ROBERTSON 2020-11-02
64 Mary Dana SPENCER 2021-02-11
65 Michael ‘Mickey’ BICKERS 2021-08-07
65 Betty Lou FARRISH Roberts 2020-09-27
65 Judith FOSTER Armstrong 2020-02-22
65 Linda GENTRY McCauley 2020-05-31
66 Bill BRITTON 2012-07-05
66 Wayne WATSON 2020-07-12
66 Walter ‘Mitch’ WHITE 2020-07-25
66 Jerry Elizabeth WOOD Proffitt-Robinson 2020-03-31
67 Steve COOK 2021-05-01
67 Doris DILLARD 2020-10-06
67 Patricia HERRING 2020-12-08
67 Frank HODOCK, Jr. 2021-06-03
67 Linda Carole MULLINIX Eastwood 2020-10-09
68 Randy ARNOLD
68 Pat BAKER
68 Alex BARNES
68 Terry BROWNFIELD 2013-09-07
68 Paul BRUUN
68 Robert CAREY
68 Charles CHISHOLM 2019-05-06
68 Johnny CRAVER
68 Ron CRITZER 2016-03-29
68 Vinton CUSHMAN 1975-09-27
68 Lawson DAVIS
68 Gunther DROSSEL 1968-05-04
68 Debbie ELLISON Hocking
68 Pam FAUBER Meeks 1976-07-30
68 Dick FLINT
68 Edward GARDNER 1985-03-05
68 Earl GARRETT 2017-01-14
68 Debbie GILBERT Sudderth 2020-06-06
68 Pat HOLLAR 1997-03-01
68 Freddie HOUCHENS 1993-05-01
68 Edward JOHNSON 1972-12-26
68 Jimmy KARDOS 1969-09-04
68 Karen KENNEY
68 Brenda LEWIS Ashwood
68 Tom LIVELY 2016-12-02
68 Wayne McRAY 1970-02-14
68 Robbie MEEKS 2004-08-03
68 Betty Byrd MOUNT White 2016-02-06
68 Ellen MURRAY
68 Terry NUTTER
68 Russell OTIS 2021-06-13
68 Lyric PAIGE 2002-05-04
68 Tom PAYNE 2006-08-13
68 Victor SAMPSON
68 Bob SHORT 2015-11-09
68 Eddie SMITH
68 Paul SMITH
68 Bill STINNIE 2005-06-05
68 Dennis STOKES 2017-02-17
68 Randy TALLEY
68 Phyllis VAN LEAR Money 2007-04-05
68 Jerry VEST 2018-04-08
68 Danny WHEELER 2000-12-16
68 Butch WILSON
68 Patty WOOD Speed 2007-06-07
68 Susan WOOD
69 Missy BOAZ Woodward 2010-07-25
69 John BOND 2001-01-01
69 Robert BOOKER
69 Jimmy BRYANT 2021-03-05
69 Susan CLARK
69 Wilson COLLIER 1983-06-12
69 Doug CRITZER 2015-07-13
69 Raymond DIXON 2015-09-11
69 John DOVEL 2014-11-03
69 Fonnie DUDLEY
69 Steve EASTON 1985-09-08
69 Wanda FARRIS Laverty 2013-11-13
69 Chuck HARLOW 2015-11-01
69 Doug HARRIS 2019-11-06
69 Jack HILL
69 Guy HOLLIFIELD 2010-10-20
69 Edwana JACKSON Bennett 2006-09-07
69 Doretha JOHNSON 2005-05-19
69 Keith KING 2004-05-07
69 Rhonda KIRBY Morris 2003-08-12
69 Carroll LAMB 2003-10-08
69 Jan MAIN Thomas 2021-06-26
69 Peggy MARSHALL Campbell 2003-07-24
69 Jeanette MASON
69 Neil McCARTHY
69 Rhonda MORRIS
69 Earl MURRAY 2000-05-04
69 Steve MUSULIN 2018-08-10
69 Michelle NAPIER
69 Mike PAYNE 2005-09-25
69 Louis ROWLAND 2014-03-05
69 Pat SMILEY 2017-04-20
69 Luther TERRY 2015-05-29
69 Jerry TIBLIER
69 Faith TROGDON 1994-10-08
69 Larry WAGNON
69 Gayle WEAKLEY Dodson 2016-12-23
70 Harry ARNETTE 2018-09-04
70 Daryl BAGLEY 2012-05-08
70 Gordon ‘GC’ BAIRD 2020-12-15
70 Gray A. BARBEE 2002-04-24
70 Alexander BARNES 2001-08-11
70 Beverly BARNES 2009-06-12
70 Tara BARRETT Shifflett 2019-05-13
70 Carroll BICKERS 2020-06-18
70 Toby BREEDEN 2018-03-09
70 Pamela BRINDLEY 2013-03-13
70 Joseph BUSCH 2021-05-31
70 Debbie CASH 2005-11-30
70 Winston CHAPMAN
70 Rebecca CHISHOLM Baird 2020-10-13
70 Ellen COLEMAN
70 Kim CONRAD Merrick 2008-07-16
70 Harry Randy DAVIS 2009-09-25
70 Randy DORRIER
70 Meredith EASTON 1985-09-08
70 Michael EDMONDS
70 Edwina FARRAR Nixon
70 Larry GARDNER
70 Earl GORDON 2016-04-27
70 Virginia GREENWOOD
70 Marion HANEY Scott 2021-01-21
70 Charles HARRIS
70 Rock HARRIS 1980-09-14
70 Bill HUTCHINSON 2019-02-23
70 Pomroy JACKSON 1998-12-15
70 David JOHNSON
70 Doretha JOHNSON 2005-12-19
70 Connie KINDRICK
70 Darlene KING
70 David A. KIRBY 1994-01-18
70 Gary LIPTRAP 1998-07-09
70 Gail LOSCHELDER Humphries 1999-05-05
70 Carter MAHANES 1973-12-19
70 Vickie MARKS Morris 1989-06-20
70 Jean MASON Perkins Varner 2020-07-19
70 Shelby Jean MAWYER McAllister 2018-07-17
70 Mason McGRUDER 2012-04-13
70 James NEIS 2020-05-08
70 Beverly PROFFITT 2015-09-30
70 Donna RAY
70 Lindsay RICHARDSON 1981-05-17
70 Lloyd M. SAMPSON 2009-04-18
70 Dwight SHORT 2019-03-19
70 Steve SNEAD 2019-06-02
70 Rea M. SOUTHWORTH 2002-03-25
70 Rebecca STOKES Mabry 2017-04-02
70 Althea B. THOMAS 1974-08-25
70 Vernon TRAINUM 1991-05-08
70 Gerty VEST 2017-01-02
70 Tim WINGFIELD 1982-04-02
71 Michael CHARLIE 2020-06-12
71 Francis POLOGRUTO 2020-04-25
72 Roy Lee FITCH Sr 2020-07-27
72 Theodore (Ted) NEOFOTIS 2020-02-15
72 Rosemary ROBINSON Horton 2021-02-13
72 Connie SILLETT 2021-07-30
72 George ‘Tom’ TURMAN 2020-08-01
72 Ceadric WASHINGTON 2021-06-06
73 Timothy DEANE 2021-06-30
73 Nancy MARSHALL Mimms 2021-06-17
73 Richard SHACKELFORD 2020-05-21
74 Walter COOK 2021-06-12
74 Michael CRENSHAW 2020-10-17
74 Michael KIRBY 2021-05-15
75 Joyce FINLEY Lilly 2021-06-04
T Mary Jane HAYNES 2020-02-06
T Betty RAYNOR Pittman 2020-03-22
T Barbara Ann NORCROSS 2021-01-26

November 6, 2021 from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department
3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick, VA 22947

Please fill in ALL information, we are double-checking our records:
Your name: (note1) _______________________________________________Class__
First Middle Maiden Last
Spouse/Guest name (circle one) (note1) ____________________________Class__
Mailing Address____________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip+4 _________________________________________________
Phone ___________________Email ____________________________________________

I (we) will be attending the Reunion at the East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Department on November 6:
Number attending __ x $25.00 = $_____

ROSTER – Rosters are available via email upon request at no cost.
____Full roster of everyone included in our records (1941-1974)
____Partial roster of certain classes – indicate which classes here ____

DONATION for expenses (note2) $_________**
Total enclosed (note3) $_________**

1) If you have a name badge from past reunions, please bring it. If not, we will provide stick-on badges at the Registration Table. Alumni: Please stop by the registration table to record your attendance, even if you have your name badge with you.

2)**We depend on and greatly appreciate your donations to cover printing and mailing costs. See below where to send donations.

3) **Make all checks payable to LANE HIGH REUNIONS and mail with this form to:
Jane SMITH Thomas
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
(434) 979-5932