August 2016


Bill ALDERMAN (55) August 2016 Vol. 54 Jane SMITH Thomas (67)
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Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!

Picnic: Friday Sept 16  at Darden Towe Park  3:00 PM until dark $15.00
The Registration Form is on the website CLICK HERE for a copy to print

The Lane High School Class of 1957, including spouses, will hold their informal 59th Class Gathering on Thursday, September 15, starting at 6:00 PM at Timberwood Grill. Timberwood Grill is located on Rt. 29 North opposite Hollymead Town Center. Heading north on Rt. 29 go past the first Hollymead Town Center light. Directly across from the Target, there’s a McDonalds. Turn right immediately after the McDonalds and Timberwood directly ahead. Take your second left into the restaurant parking lot. We will have a private room. If you have any questions contact Norm Addington at 434-974-6276 or email Norm at

The Newsletter and Reunions now include ALL Lane Classmates to 1974. This will be reflected in News of Classmates listing of any other Lane Reunions and Obituaries.

We encourage everyone to visit our website, frequently. Webmaster, Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64) works hard to keep it current with something of interest for all Lane High School Classmates, including a copy of this Newsletter. Currently, you will find an interesting article, with photos, of Lane Alumni and their antique cars, an article about one of our own from Hospice of the Piedmont and an article about Jean NEWCOMB Turner’s (50) pressed flower creations that made the front page of our Daily Progress.

You may request to have the Newsletter sent by email. (This saves the Reunion cost of postage)

If you do NOT wish to receive a paper copy of these Newsletters, please email, phone or send a note. We will keep you in the database but discontinue mailing Newsletters.

If you have any change in your status that we should know of (address, phone number, email, etc.) please notify Nancy TYLER Oakey (434-293-4243) or

Badge Policy Change
In 2015 the Reunions Committee resigned from maintaining and storing alumni name badges from one reunion to the next. All attendees at the September 15, 2015, picnic took their badges home for safe keeping and for wearing at their next reunion. The Committee still has badges for those who have attended a reunion in the last fifteen years. These badges will be available for those alumni when they next attend a reunion. There are no plans to continue making badges for alumni when they attend their first Multi-Class Reunion. There will be stick-on badges for your use. Also please feel free to use any badge that you may have from a former class reunion. A better idea, why not make your own? Many now own computers, printers, and scanners. So get out your senior year Chain and give it a try. Picture badges are very helpful at Multi-Class Reunions.

We are happy to announce that Jane SMITH Thomas (67) has agreed to receive reservations for the picnic this year. Jane retired from teaching at The Covenant School in Charlottesville VA in 2015. She is married to Roy THOMAS (67) who was invaluable last year by giving the picnic blessing and then staying to help take down tables and chairs and clean up afterwards. Roy was for a number of years the minister at Crozet Baptist Church. He now serves the needs of other Baptist churches as an interim minister. MANY THANKS, JANE AND ROY!

Diane PLANT Spencer (61) and Brenda WEAKLEY Croxton (61) have agreed to coordinate the catering for our 2016 picnic. We will still need help setting up tables and chairs, etc. (and taking them down). Any young, strong, willing volunteers please contact Bill Alderman (55). See phone number and email address in heading.


Jean MCNETT Bash (44): Enclosed is my check to help defray the costs of preparing and mailing the Lane High School newsletter which I so enjoy. I graduated in the class of 1944 and still thank my lucky stars that I am able to stay in my own home despite mobility problems. Because of these problems I will be unable to attend the reunion. I wish I could attend and I wish you and my classmates who are able to be there a warm hello. Some of you might remember my husband, Jim, who died on October 6, 2014. We were happily married for 68 years and I still miss him terribly. Were it not for the ladies who keep my home clean and a young lady from Home Instead who tends to my personal needs, I would not be able to live in my own home, which is my preference. My sister Mary June MCNETT Fuller (41) also attended Lane High School. She is 91 years old and lives close to her daughter in Roanoke, VA. I shall be thinking of all of you as you celebrate your high school years. (This article was placed on our website in January 2016)

Raymond Walker DAVIS (46): His step-daughter, Fara L. Love, wrote: I am so sorry to have to report to you that one of your fellow classmates has died. I am not certain what year he graduated from Lane High School, but it was before 1949. He went on to play football for UVA, the US Army and Marine Corp. He had been a P.E. teacher and coach in Colonial Heights, VA and, as I understand it, put together the first football team for the city of Colonial Heights. He had been my teacher and later, when he married my Mom, he became a wonderful step-father for my sister and me, and he became a wonderful grandfather and great-grandfather. He died December 17, 2015 and his wife is devastated. I can tell you he loved his Lane High School experience and loved his old home place. (This article about Squirt Davis, as we knew him in high school, was placed on our website in January 2016)

Joyce CRUMMETT Richardson (56) of Sun City, AZ wrote that her husband W. N. Rusty, died in March. She spoke about how much they enjoyed her 50th in 2006. Joyce hopes to attend the reunion in September.

The following article appeared in INSIDER, a publication of Hospice of the Piedmont.  Some of us remember Patsy “Pat” WINGFIELD (49) as a classmate at McGuffey Elementary School and then at Lane High. Read this abridged tribute to one of ours.


The hospice movement in Charlottesville came full circle when one of Hospice of the Piedmont’s founding members came under our care for terminal cancer in fall 2015.Patsy ‘Pat’ WINGFIELD Llewellyn McCormick- Goodhart, a longtime citizen of Charlottesville, was one of the first community members in the early 1980s to gather and mobilize a group of healthcare professionals, lawyers, educators and other citizens into the Board of Directors that would found Hospice of the Piedmont. Patsy’s motivation to start a local hospice began after her father died a horrible, agonizing death in 1979, her husband Jim McCormick-Goodhart recalled. “She became angry at God,” Jim said. Then she shared her disillusionment with her good friend Josefina ‘Jo’ Bautista Magno, MD who developed some of the first hospices in the US. Jo advised her, “Don’t get mad; start a hospice movement in your community.”

The process of forming what would become Charlottesville’s inaugural hospice organization was a long and, at times, difficult process. Jim recalled that it took Pat two full years to obtain the Certificate of Need and Insurance for the organization. But Pat was passionate about the cause and the organization, so she pressed on. In total, Pat spent around three years working toward official formation of HOP. After a lifetime of helping people through social ministry and patient advocacy, Pat became a HOP patient herself in the fall of 2015. In May 2015, she was diagnosed with mullerian adeno-carcinoma. She received three chemotherapy treatments starting in June, but her body was barely able to survive the grueling treatment, according to Jim. By mid-September, after learning that the aggressive chemotherapy treatments had not contained the cancer, she had a frank conversation with her doctor. “Honestly and truthfully,” she asked him about her future treatment options, “what would you do if you were me?”  “Honestly and truthfully, I would stop treatment, and spend quality time with friends and family,” he said. And so she did she went home and Hospice of the Piedmont began caring for her there in mid-September. During her time at home, she and her husband entertained a steady stream of visitors  friends and family from across the community and the state who came to visit with Pat. She remained lively and congenial to all who came to see her — just as she had her whole life.

Pat passed away peacefully at home on November 6, 2015.

Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG and Bob SNODDY (50):  We have moved! After 44 years at the same address we have moved to Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge, a lifetime care facility. Here we are free of yard maintenance, leaf raking, snow removal, house cleaning, stairs and the deer who came in increasing numbers to devour our beautiful gardens that we once enjoyed tending. Going from a large house with 44 years of accumulated “stuff” to an apartment about a quarter of its size was not easy. After 3 months of having our children and grandchildren take what they could use, dealing with antique and used furniture dealers, carrying things to the landfill and scrap metal yard, contributing to many local charities, Amvets and Purple Heart, putting out many bags for trash collection and recycling and having the city do a “large item pickup” we got down to just what would fit in our new home. The movers came to move the large furniture on June 2 and with our daughter and oldest son here to help we had everything settled and in place in just 3 days. Our “perfect” move was marred by 2 accidents that Bob is still dealing with. First, a fall over a bank when he insisted on mowing the lawn one more time the day before we moved. This resulted in a fractured L3 vertebra. Second, a metal filing cabinet fell off of a cart on his leg, causing a long abrasion down his right shin. This did not seem too serious at first, but became infected days later. The leg wound is now healed, and he has had a kyphoplasty procedure on the vertebra and is starting rehab to hopefully reduce the pain in his back from the muscles and nerves irritated for weeks by the broken vertebra. We have now joined the host of “old folks” in retirement homes, but look forward to seeing many of you in September for what could be the last of our Lane High Reunion Picnics unless we can recruit some younger folks to carry on. New address 250 Pantops Mountain Road, Apt 226, Charlottesville, VA 22911-8682 phone 434-972-3226.

Nancy DUDLEY Holliday Berman (61): Thanks for all you do to help Lane alumni keep in touch. I just found the website, and it is great! You can remove my name from the mailing list. I will stay in touch through the website. (This article was placed on our website earlier)

Evelyn EASTON Corner (46): I’m sending something to help with the expense of sending out the newsletter that I enjoy so much. Thank you for all you do to help with this. My husband, Bart, died 3 years ago, just before our 65th wedding anniversary. We attended my 60th Lane HS reunion and had a wonderful time. I wasn’t sure I’d recognize classmates (it was the first trip to one of the reunions) but I did know them without looking at a name badge!

Joyce WILSON Sielewicz (54): Enclosed is to help with newsletter for our Lane High reunions. Since 2011 I have been living in Charlottesville – escaping the NH cold winters, and then I return in summer to Newport, NH to escape the VA summer heat. The back and forth goes well.  I especially enjoy Charlottesville’s “variety of stuff”..would I have said that in 1954! Thanks for all you do for the newsletter.

Pat WILSON Congdon (54): I haven’t been able to make any reunions but enjoy the newsletter so much! Thank you for all the work you do on the reunions and newsletters.


Carter Edmonds GRAVES, Jr (34/35) July 2, 2016   Ivy VA Dorothy BATTEN Hunt (54) July 7, 2016
Helen EARLY SMITH (37) April 12, 2016 Amanda GENTRY Addington (54) December 29, 2015
Dorothy SANDRIDGE Gloor (37) June 21, 2016 Charles C RODEFFER (54) April 8, 2016   Silver Spring, MD
Cora Elizabeth CASH Thacker (39) January 5, 2016. Curtis Daniel ‘Pete’ SEILER (54) July 21, 2016
Richard ‘Dick’ E FITZHUGH (40) April 17, 2016  Spanish Fort AL Barbara DAY Eicher (55) March 1, 2016  Richmond VA
Catherine M. HILDEBRAND (40) December 18, 2015 Josephine ‘Jo Neal’ HENDRICKS Scully (55) November 23, 2015  Richmond, VA.
Carter O. ‘CO’ MAHANES (43) February 17, 2016 Peggy BIRCKHEAD Kessler (56) March 4, 2016
Ernest Frederick SOMMER (43) February 24, 2016   Lynchburg VA Mary ANDERSON Southall (59)  January 21, 2016
Jo HILDEBRAND Hoffer (44) July 8, 2015  Atlanta GA Genevieve DICKINSON Jennings (56) January 17, 2016
David H. TURNER (44) June 29, 2016 Cecelia PERRY Saunders (57) June 30, 2016
Raymond DAVIS (46) December 17, 2015   Colonial Heights VA Lois Ann LOVERN (58) July 5, 2015
James ‘Buddy’ HARLAN (46) March 15, 2016  Richmond VA Calvin ROBERTS (58) December 31, 2015
Graham TULL, JR (46) March 22, 2016   Madison VA Elizabeth ‘Bebo’ PURCELL  (59)   January 4, 2016
Lois BENDEL Carter (47) October 17, 2015  Virginia Beach VA Robert Trent SHORT (68)  November 9, 2015
James W. SIMMONS (47) March 23, 2016 Berma Lorayne STAHL (68)   May 30, 2016
Jane BELLOMY Phillips (48) March 5, 2016. G Gray WEBBER, JR. (57)  December 28, 2015
Patricia HAWKINS Sinclair (49) April 16, 2016  Virginia Beach VA Laren HARLAN Colley (64)  June 12, 2016
Patsy WINGFIELD Goodhart (49) November 6, 2015 Mike VALENTI (64)  March 28, 2016
James A MOORE (49) January 3, 2016  Stuarts Draft VA  Nancy WINGFIELD Tomford (65)  January 26, 2016
John Robert DORRIER (50) January 27, 2016 Ronald Sterling CRITZER (68)  March 29, 2016  Staunton, VA
Joanne BREEDEN Hildebrand (50) May 30, 2016 Debra G Coffey (69)   April 28, 2016
James ‘Stimp’ HAWKINS (52) June 16, 2016  Greensboro NC Marshall Scott BRADSHAW (70)  November 1, 2015  Earlysville, VA
Shirley Ray JOHNSON (52) April 22, 2016 Joseph ‘Joe’ W MAY II (71)   February 13, 2016


Picnic Registration Form

                   MULTI-CLASS REUNION OF LANE HIGH CLASSMATES                          FRIDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2016

Your name (Note 1): ____________________________________ Class ____

Spouse/Guest name(Note 1): ____________________________ Class ____

Address: if changed: _____________________________________________

Phone: if changed: ______________________________________________

Email: if changed: ______________________________________________

I (we) would like to ride to the event with someone. (Circle YES   NO)

Your phone number is: ______________

Your email is: ______________________________________

I (we) will be attending the Picnic:                                                                                      

Number Attending   x Cost      =Total Picnic at Darden Towe Park (9/16/16)                     _____              $15.00         _____ The last Pavillion on the road. Handicap Accessible                                              
Donation for expenses (Note 2):        _____
Total Enclosed (Note 3)                        _____                                                                       Notes 1. If you kept your name badge from a prior year, please bring it to the Reunion to use again.
2. We do depend on and greatly appreciate your donations to cover printing and mailing costs.
3. Make checks payable to LANE HIGH REUNIONS and mail with this form to: Jane SMITH Thomas
639 Big Oak Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730

(434) 979-5932

If you have questions, concerns, needs, etc., contact Bob (or Mary Elizabeth) SNODDY 434-972-3226
Please mail by Tuesday September 6th 2016