July 2018

JULY 2018                Vol. 58                 

Jane SMITH Thomas (67)
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
Phone 434-979-5932
email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64)
4408 Dogwood Drive
Palmyra, VA 22963-4641
Phone 434-591-0033

Website: LaneHSOnward.com – visit often!


SEPTEMBER 14, 2018
Lane Classmates from ALL classes are welcome!
Picnic: Friday September 14
– at Darden Towe Park –
3:00 PM until dark
$15.00  see registration form at the end of this newsletter

You may request to have Newsletters sent to you by email. (This saves the cost of postage.)  If you do NOT wish to receive a paper copy of these Newsletters, please email, phone or send a note to Nancy TYLER Oakey (48) (434-293-4243 or ooakey@netscape.net) or Elaine ACREE Pleasants (see masthead). We will keep you in the Reunions database but discontinue mailing Newsletters.

If you have any change in your status that we should know of (address, phone number, email, etc.) please notify Nancy TYLER Oakey (48) (434-293-4243) or ooakey@netscape.net

The Darden Towe picnic shelter has been reserved for Friday, September 14, 2018. (This is a UVA football weekend, but, September 7, the only non-football weekend in September, was already “TOTALLY BOOKED”.
We are planning a picnic for this year because all the people who helped with 2017’s picnic have stepped up to help again. However, these loyal folks cannot go on forever. Some of the younger people from the 60s and 70s classes should step forward to assume some of these duties. If you are willing to help, email or call either Elaine or Jane whose contact information appears in the masthead of this newsletter.
Please note: we need to record your attendance at the picnic, please stop by the registration table even if you have your badge from past years.
     On a more urgent note, we will very much need younger, stronger alums to help with setting up AND taking down afterward. These folks get Subway sandwiches and drinks for lunch as a reward. (An even greater reward is the fun and camaraderie and the feeling of being more a part of the Lane High Reunion).   The same contact info from above applies.

                                      NEWS OF CLASSMATES

(All of these notes have appeared on the Website.  We list them here as a service for those who don’t have or use a computer, or just like to hold things in their hands to read them.)

March – July 2018

Doug VALENTINE (58) wrote:  Thanks for the well written newsletter.  Your continuing devotion to all of us LHS alumni is so greatly appreciated.

Sandy DEANE CURTIS (64) wrote:  Thank you so much, Elaine for all your hard and wonderful work on the newsletter and website and probably LOTS more. Do appreciate you!

Betty MARTIN Edmondson (54) wrote:  Thanks so much, Elaine.  How nice of you to do this, so we can all keep informed.

Woody BIRCKHEAD (53) wrote:  Elaine, thank you for the newsletter. So good to hear about what is going on in Charlottesville, except for our loss of members. I was very unhappy to hear about Joe Bingler, a terrific person who was a neighbor and friend I grew up with. I did make it to the 2017 reunion and thoroughly enjoyed it and being in Charlottesville, Va. again. I was there just about the time Irma hit, and told a few people I was concerned about my condo in Fort Myers. I am happy to say my condo came through just fine, but Fort Myers received a lot of damage. Unbelievable the damage the wind can do to trees, shrubs, screens, posts, etc. It rolled huge trees up in fences and pulled many up by the roots and all. It was like it was giving Florida a tremendous haircut and cleaning out. Looks good now. I hope I can make the reunion again this year.

Martha (Marty) ROBERTS Wallauer (54) wrote: Thank you, Elaine; I enjoyed the Newsletter very much. I was sorry to see that my good friends, Mary Lee Teel and Jean Lee Anderson both had died.

Harriet HARNSBERGER MARSHALL (59) wrote: Update!  I just saw in your Feb. 2017 Newsletter that there’s a website and so I went to it.  I saw David’s name in the death notices in the Feb. 2018 issue.  And I see that I can go to that website and read the newsletter from now on.  Thanks for all the hard work you do in keeping everyone informed.

John ALDERMAN (53) wrote:  Thanks to Nancy Oakey for calling me on my home phone and Elaine Pleasants for maintaining the news!  I downloaded the Newsletter and printed a copy for later enjoyment.  I will also go to the website.
I am glad that the Lane HS group is still meeting and enjoying themselves.  As you probably all know my brother Bill Alderman is a major cog in the annual picnic, and I am glad he is representing the Alderman’s still.
I am not likely to be attending this year, mostly because I am not traveling much anymore.  I am still interested in my old (and I mean really old) classmates, so am looking forward to participating in the group from a distance.  Thanks Again for the outreach.  John Alderman (Jack Haviland when I was at Lane)     Elaine:  I am blown away with the LaneHSOnward web site!  This is a real treasure for the alumnae and I am looking forward to going through all the Chains of my era to refresh my memories!  Great Job – are a true Master Webmaster!  Thanks for your work, and please keep it up.   John Alderman

Mary Ann Mason wrote:  I am the widow of Lew (Buddy) MASON class of 1953. I have year books from 49,50,51,52,53.  Also a black sweater with a C on the pocket.  I am unsure of the meaning of the C but see it in year books.  Football ???  I would love to give any or all to anyone desiring them. Perhaps you keep items archived.   Feel free to contact me anytime on the phone message machine. Please include these items in your next newsletter.  lewmason@comcast.net or  434-589-6141

Mary Elizabeth Snoddy (50) wrote: Hello Hazel,  I remember we were publishing your need for a lost Chain. I don’t know if you were ever successful. We just got this offer from the widow of one of our alums. If you are still looking, and the one you want is in this range (49 – 53) you can contact her. Mary Elizabeth Snoddy

 Hazel BRYANT Houston (51) wrote:  Thanks for thinking of me.  I did get copies of the Chain I was looking for.  People are so nice!  Hope all is well with you.  Hazel Houston

David Malcolm FULLER (59) wrote:  Please use my email in the future.  Have never been to this reunion as I have lived all over the USA and a classmate, Shelby KIDD, class of 1959 said shame on me as I am in Richmond.  It used to take 2 1/2 hours to travel to Richmond from C’ville for athletic games.  I can be there in 50 minutes now.  LOL.   I was president of the class of 1959.  We were closed down in 1958 and had to go to classes in churches, Elks Home, Moose Lodge.  We had 18 players on the football team and had to play all of our games out of town.  Nine of our players went to college on football scholarships, three of us because of Tommy Theodose.   If I am alive in August, I plan to be there.   David Malcolm Fuller.

Michele L Hensley wrote:  Just a note to let you know that my mother, Marguerite WORKMAN Hensley (43), passed away at the age of 92 on February 16th. She had been in poor health for the last two or three years, but was hoping to make it to this year’s reunion, if at all possible.  Mom grew up in Charlottesville, but after marriage, lived the rest of her life near Elkton, VA. She had been a secretary/bookkeeper for an elementary school for over 30 years.  Her hobbies included reading, working crossword puzzles, gardening, and telling jokes to anyone who was around.  I brought her to one of your reunions several years ago and we both had a great time!  Thank you so much for keeping the Lane High School reunion going!

Ned (54) and Marilyn FARINHOLT wrote:  Thanks for keeping up the newsletter.  Here is a donation to help out.  Marilyn (SHAUGHNESSY 56) and I reside near Winchester and enjoy ourselves with our children and many grand and great grandchildren who live in the area.  We do not do any traveling anymore, so will likely not make any reunions.  Thanks again, Ned & Marilyn Farinholt

Allan “Mole” NEWMAN (55) wrote: Enclosed is a check for the expenses of the LHS reunions committee and I want to thank you for all the news I receive about my old LHS days. I have a foggy memory of many folks from the LHS days – and the newsletter brings up the names and I can go back and remember something that I did with that person. I remember you Bob Snoddy, Barbara Turner and Anna Jane Hayes, Joe Bingler and Tommy Theodose, Monk and David Bingler, Ms Paschall, David Marshall, and of course Constance JONES Runyeon – and I continue to see Denny Rinker and Robin Sommers on a regular basis.  Oh well, life continues to be fun – even in my old age – and it is remarkable that the old LHS days played such a good part of my life.  Thanks, George Allan “Mole” Newman

Stuart WATKINS (59) wrote: I attended Lane High School in 1956 and 1957, then went to a school in Asheville, NC, and attended Fishburne Military High School in Waynesboro, VA in 1958 and graduated in 1959.  I grew up in Charlottesville, attended Venable Elementary School, and have wonderful memories of my classmates from Charlottesville.  I would like to get the newsletter by email, and hope to attend a reunion one day, perhaps not this September, but one of these days.  Thank you for all you do to keep the reunions alive and well.

Vivian Golding wrote: I want to inform you that my husband Albert F. GOLDING (46) passed away on November 20, 2017.  Thank you so much for always sending information about Lane High School.  We only attended one reunion but had fond memories of his days at Lane.

Nancy Haggerty Osborn wrote: I am Bob HAGGERTY’S (42) daughter, and I regret to inform you that my father passed away last July, so you may stop mailing me the Lane High School Newsletter.  Thank you, and have a great time at the reunion.

Eva ERGENGRIGHT Zirkle (61) wrote: By all means switch me to receiving the newsletter by email.  Thanks for all your hard work on keeping alumni connected!  I wish I could attend in September but it’s not going to work.

Betsy Jones wrote: I am writing to let you know that my mother, Mary J. Collier (WHITE) (47) passed away on April 2, 2018.  She was a member of the LHS Class of ’47.  She was so proud of her roots in Charlottesville, and especially loved staying connected to Lane HS.  Thank you for providing the newsletter!

Louise DUNN Fuqua (58) wrote: I graduated from Lane in 1958.  I’ve never attended the multi-class reunions, but have enjoyed several with my own classmates.  However, I really love reading the newsletter so please continue to mail it.  I don’t have a computer in my home.  I’ve had to undergo two hip surgeries in June ’17 and January ’18, but fine now.

Alvin Wayne SMITH (64) wrote: Wanted to say thanks for sending the Lane Reunion Newsletter to me.  I really do thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep us informed.  I’m glad to see that my sister Jane Smith Thomas has now stepped up to help out. I didn’t realize that you didn’t have my email address until after I got the Newsletter in the postal mail. From now on, any info concerning Lane High School can be sent to the following email address: retirednluvnit@embarqmail.com
Wish I could have made the last couple of reunions but was unavailable. This year doesn’t look any better for me. Hopefully, soon I will be able to attend one and see some of my classmates.  Thanks again, Alvin WAYNE Smith

Velma Cowen Tilley wrote:  I write to tell you that my mother, Eleanor BOAZ Cowen (42), age 92, died peacefully on December 2, 2017, at her home in Cartersville, GA.   I’m not sure of her graduating class from Lane because I think she was young for her class.  She was born in 1925 so maybe you can narrow it down from that.  Thank you for sending her the newsletter.  She enjoyed reading it.   Blessings, Velma Cowen Tilley

Katherine LIGHTNER Jensen (52) wrote:  Nice job with the newsletter.  Enjoyed seeing names of friends from the good old days.  Keep up the nice work.  Thank you, Katharine

Bobby WINSTEAD (55) wrote: Sorry I will not be able to attend this year’s reunion.  I will be on a trip out west.  I thank you and the rest of the others who work so hard to keep this tradition going on all these years.  Look forward to seeing everyone next year as I haven’t missed a reunion to date (I don’t think!)  Thank you all so much, Bobby

Barbara SPICER Denney (55) wrote:  Greetings to the Staff of Lane High School Reunions.  A big thank you to Jane Smith Thomas, Brenda Weakley Croxton, and Diane Plant Spencer for stepping up to relieve Mary Elizabeth and Bob Snoddy of their long-held duties.  Also, thanks to the steadfast group of regular volunteers who shoulder the responsibilities of the newsletters, database, planning and organizing in order for the picnic to occur.  Gratefully, Barbara Spicer Denney

Sharon Davis wrote:  Regretfully, Skip (Ryland P.) DAVIS (58) passed away October 7, 2017.  Sincerely, Sharon Davis

Anne BELT Seawell (51) wrote:  I’m writing to give you a little information on the July 4, 2018, passing of my former husband, Charles Edward WYANT (50) –   ” Eddie” as folks will remember him.
Ed will be remembered at Lane for being a good baseball pitcher. He later went to NC State, playing baseball and getting his BS degree and later a Masters at Indiana University.  He returned to Charlottesville as Recreation Director for many years; also had a business there.  He had been living in Wilmington, NC, (where most of our children live) for the last 15+ years, and we remained friends although I remarried 50 years ago.
I think there will be an obituary in the “Progress” or Crozet paper sometime soon.  Ed was from White Hall and still has family out there.
I haven’t attended recent reunions as my husband, Ted, has not been well enough to travel, but I’m always glad to have the informative newsletters. Thank you (and others) for continuing to “carry the banner” and remind us of the good old days.  It will be okay to put my name on the email list for the Newsletter and future communication (and save postage!  At our age, we appreciate that too!!)  Anne BELT Seawell

                                           IN MEMORIAM
See www.dailyprogress.com for full text of most these obituaries

Mary Jane HAM ALLEN 39
Betty Bryant BALTIMORE Davis 42 6/03/18
Eleanor BOAZ Cowen 42 12/2/17
Robert Lee HAGGERTY 42 7/26/17
Joanne BENTON Shepherd 43 3/19/18
Lucy Lee DOUGLAS Buchholtz 43 12/10/17
Katherine KIRBY Ayers 43 4/21/18
Marguerite WORKMAN Hensley 43 2/16/18
Jean McNETT Bash 44 6/06/18
Albert Franklin GOLDING 46 11/20/17
Betty Ann WOOD Black 46 3/08/18
Mildred NEWTON Dillard 47 6/03/18
Jackie WHITE Collier 47 4/02/18
John “Jack” FARIS 50 1/16/18
Charles “Eddie” WYANT 50 7/04/18
Charles ANDERSON 51 3/26/18
Kay DeYOUNG Brown 51 2/10/18
Maxine MUNDY Pleasants 51 4/25/18
Mildred HERNDON Huffman 52 5/24/18
Ellie RHODES Curtis 53 5/12/18
Jean Lee ANDERSON Chapman 54 1/10/18
James “Jim” HARLOW 54 4/24/17
Robert “Cocky” RODGERS 54 6/14/18
Cliff SOWARD 54 9/07/17
Peter Bowen HJORTH 55 2/10/18
Leona Marion SISSON Pitcock 55 3/08/18
Robert Marshall DAVIS 56 6/01/18
Thomas RODEFFER 57 5/10/18
Skip (Ryland P.) DAVIS 58 10/7/17
Nancy ESTES Irish 58 5/30/18
Dale QUILLON 58 5/04/18
Diane NUCKOLS Childress 60 5/19/18
John MOORE 61 1/24/18
Jane SLAUGHTER Sprouse 62 5/22/18
Alphonza DUDLEY 69 5/29/18
Brenda PAYNE Ross 71 5/13/18

                   REGISTRATION FORM
Catered picnic at 5:00 PM
DARDEN TOWE PARK        (last pavilion on the right)

 Your name: (note 1)_____________________________Class____

Spouse/Guest name (note 1)_____________________Class____

Address (if changed)_____________________________________

Phone (if changed)_________________

Email (if changed)__________________________

If you would like a ride to the event, please Circle YES   or   NO

I (we) will be attending the Picnic at Darden Towe Park, last pavilion on the road.
Number attending       ____      x        $15.00    =       $________

ROSTER – Updated July 2018 – put a check beside the option(s) you want and include payment as follows:

_____I will pick it up at the reunion (enter 4.00)      $________
_____Mail to me in September          (enter $6.00)     $_______
_____Email to me in September                                    (Free)

Donation for expenses (note 2)                                   $_________
Total enclosed (note 3)                                                 $_________

If you kept your name badge from a prior year, please bring it to the Reunion to use again. If you don’t have it, stick-on badges will be available.

Alumni: Remember to stop by the registration table to record your attendance, even if you have your badge with you.

  1. We do depend on and greatly appreciate your donations to cover printing and mailing costs.
  2. Make checks payable to LANE HIGH REUNIONS and mail with this form to:

Jane SMITH Thomas
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
(434) 979-5932
email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

If you have any questions, concerns, needs, etc.,
contact Jane SMITH Thomas

 Please mail by Tuesday, September 4th, 2018