October 15, 2018

OCTOBER 2018                      Vol. 59

Jane SMITH Thomas (67)
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22903-9730
Phone 434-979-5932
email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64)
4408 Dogwood Dr
Palmyra, VA 22963-4641
Phone 434-591-0033
email: dandepleasants@outlook.com

                 Website: LaneHSOnward.com – visit often!

(The message below was posted on the Website, and an email was sent on 9/10/2018 For the first time in 50 years )

Due to a week of heavy rains that have left Darden Towe picnic area a swamp and flooding in many areas of Virginia plus the uncertainty of Hurricane Florence’s impact (a state of emergency has already been declared for this weekend for Virginia) your committee has decided that this year’s picnic must be cancelled. We considered an indoor venue, which might have worked, but we were concerned about our classmates who would be travelling in the severe weather that is promised. Postponing, as a few have suggested, is not an option since reservations for the shelter and our many vendors are made far in advance. We will mail rosters to all those who ordered one. If you would like a refund of your registration fee let us know, and we will arrange to get it to you. Another option could be to use it as credit for next year’s event. It is with heavy hearts that we find it necessary to take this action, but we feel it is in the best interest of our classmate’s health and welfare. ==========================================================

Yes, it was a hard decision, but it turned out to be the right one. Picnic day, Friday, September 14 was a dark and miserable day. The day before, our tent vendor called to say, “I have to work tomorrow so I will not set the tent”. At 3 PM on Friday it was raining hard. If we had not cancelled, we would have been soaked through as we talked with our classmates and “enjoyed” our chicken and barbecue from Wayside. But, now that we had cancelled, we faced the task of notifying all of the registrants of the decision. We used every means we could think of, put it on the Website, put it on Facebook and contacted the local TV stations to have them put it in their crawl of cancellations. The first options though were to email everyone who had it and, the biggest job of all, CALL all the rest (about 110 classmates). So we did! Many answered on the first attempt. We got lots of voice mail boxes (left a message that the event was cancelled). We were happy when we felt that we had gotten the word to all but one – no email and no telephone. The job was half done! Now, we went through the email and telephone procedure all over, but, this time we needed to actually talk to the classmate to ask for their choice of a refund or holding it for next year. We mailed out the refunds as soon as we had contacted EVERYONE! We sincerely hope everyone is content with our decision and will sign on again next year (when we will use an indoor venue)

The message below was posted on the Website on September 18. It is here as a service to those who don’t use a computer or those who like to hold reading material in their hands ===============================================================


In all the many years of Lane High Reunions, 2018 was the first to be cancelled. Last year, in spite of the threat of Hurricane Irma, we decided to take the chance and go ahead with the picnic. We were rewarded when, after a dark and dreary Thursday, Friday turned out to be a good day. In 2001, our picnic was scheduled for the fateful day of 9/11. We went ahead, with thoughts and prayers for those at ground zero. Some did not come, but those that were there, were glad to be able to share their concerns with their classmates. This year, with the prediction of what Hurricane Florence might bring to this area, we decided to cancel. Even though we did not get the storms predicted, we still feel that we made the right decision. By cancelling on Monday, we were able to get refunds on the sound system and the table decoration mums. By cancelling the shelter, we got a $60 refund. Albemarle Parks and Rec. employees, who have been so helpful in preparing the shelter in the past, were freed to be at Darden Towe Park to help all those who wanted to fill free sand bags in preparation for the predicted heavy rains of next week. Brute Gardner, our tent supplier, had said that he would have only one tent to put up since two of his tents had been destroyed in a violent thunderstorm several weeks before. At the last minute, he decided not to risk putting up even that one. With the already soggy ground and no tent, the showers we did get Friday afternoon would have made our picnic very uncomfortable. This area turned out to be over prepared for Florence. Even UVA athletic department decided to move Saturday’s UVA/Ohio football game from Scott Stadium to Nashville,TN. (We can sympathize with those people who made that decision, because we are so aware that when you are presented with certain facts and a time constraint you must make the decision NOW.) Area churches prepared to open their doors to shelter the homeless from the storm. Hundreds of Dominion Power workers gathered in staging areas in the state, prepared to restore power wherever needed. (Many of them will be deployed to the now devastated Carolinas) By Tuesday morning, cancellation notices had been sent to all classmates with email addresses, and a telephone list of all others had been called. Notice was also posted on our Website, on Facebook and local TV stations were asked to add it to their crawl if the need arose. Refunds were sent to all who requested them, though many chose to apply their refund to next year’s event. Rosters were mailed to all who requested one (whether they were to be picked up or mailed.) Because of September’s unpredictable weather, we will consider moving indoors next year.

   ***GOOD NEWS***
by Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Snoddy (50)

After two straight years of being threatened with major hurricanes the weeks of our gatherings, we have decided to move the 2019 Lane High Reunion indoors. We have reserved the ballroom of the Elks Club for FRIDAY, September 13, 2019. Many, many thanks go to Bill BICKLEY (52) for arranging a meeting with the Elks Club events coordinator. Bill, Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64) and Bob and Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG SNODDY (50) met with her and were impressed with the facilities. Thanks to Bill, also, for sponsoring our event as a member of the Elks. Since we no longer have to pay to reserve the shelter, rent tents, tables and chairs and a sound system, we will actually save reunion funds. We CAN use an outside caterer, and we hope to have Wayside provide their delicious food again. There are steps up to the front entrance, but also a ramp to the left which makes the facility easily handicapped accessible. We contacted all but one classmate (for whom we had neither email nor telephone) to let them know about the cancellation, and again to ask if they wanted a refund. (We found that some people who have email didn’t check it and called to ask if the event was cancelled!) The great majority said to hold their registration fee as pre-payment for 2019. So, when you send in your registration next year, remember to just write Paid in the picnic charge space on the form. If you forget, we have a list of all who asked to hold, so we will get you right. On a very sad note, we talked to Charlie LONG (53), and he said to hold for next year. Charlie suffered a major stroke on September 22nd and passed away on September 30th. So, to each of you, take care and stay well. We look forward to seeing you next September. Rosters have been mailed. If you paid for one and have not received it please let us know at 434-972-3226 or at mesros@comcast.net. ===============================================================                                            NEWS OF CLASSMATES

Mary Jane HAM Allen (39) is not attending but had someone put this note on the registration form: “Jane asks that you pray for her at your picnic at Darden Towe Park.”

Roxanne CREWS Eckhoff wrote: I ran across your Lane High School Reunion Newsletter in my aunt’s mail and noted that you all are having a picnic in September. I am so sorry to tell you but Alison DOVEL Crews (41) will not be attending since she passed away January 27, 2018. She lived by herself in her home all the way to the end of her life. She was very independent and proud of it. She fell in her kitchen and was unable to get up. A neighbor called the rescue squad and they took her to Reston Hospital. She had broken her pelvis. The week before she was having difficulty seeing. Between these events she did not have the stamina to continue with her life. She was the rock of her family and is missed greatly.

Tim Bishop wrote: What great work you do for Lane HS. My mother, Christine COLEMAN Wirt (42) (formerly Christine COLEMAN Bishop) went there probably 1938-40, I think. I got the most recent newsletter and would ask you to add her to the next “IN MEMORIAM” please. She passed last November 4th, 2017 at 94. Attached is her obituary. Great newsletter!!

Haywood G. FRANCE (42) wrote: Please have the LHS Newsletter sent to me by e-mail, I do not need a paper copy. Thanks very much for this and all the hard work all of you put in to keep the reunions and news of Lane High Alumni up to date. The Newsletter is especially a great contribution in keeping us informed

Mary Wood wrote: Thank you for sending this information. Sadly, Claude “Woody” Wood (42) passed away on January 26, 2015. Wishing you the best at the reunion.

Pat WALKER Earle (43) wrote: To Jane, Elaine and Nancy: My thanks and appreciation to all three of you. I grew up on Locust Avenue and my across-the-street neighbors and playmates were Mildred and Jean Sadler. I know how proud (and surprised perhaps?) they would be to learn that their thoughtful project is still going strong! Check enclosed is in memory of them and appreciation for all you do. I am indeed sorry I am unable to join you at this year’s reunion, but I so enjoyed the newsletter, and the web page is absolutely first class.

Eve EASTON Corner (46) wrote: I want to thank you for all the work you, Nancy, and others do to put out the newsletter. I’m enclosing some help for the cost of sending it. My husband, Bart, and I only went to one of the reunions, my 60th, but I have fond memories of it, for sure! Thanks again, Eve Corner

Constance VIA (47) wrote: I will not be able to attend this year. I am unable to travel any more. Thanks to all of you who keep us up-to-date on our friends of yesteryear! We greatly appreciate all you do. God bless you, each one!

Ken WALLENBORN (47) wrote: Teddy Wood (45) (Theodore Roosevelt Wood) died last year. He was living in Maryland. Teddy was Captain of the VPI Swimming Team. Bobby T. Wood (brother of Teddy) Class of ’47, had a stroke in June ’18 and is in Healthcare. Bobby graduated from Hampden Sydney with a record high grade average! He was a pilot in USAF Air Defense Command and held the top marksmanship in aerial gunnery for the entire command. His sister Mona died some years ago. His sister Jackie is alive.

Harold ‘Sonny’ VIA (48) wrote: I did plan to attend the 2018 reunion. But, I now must regret, due to another engagement that takes me out of town 9-14-18. I am enclosing a check to support the reunion “happening.” Thanks for your help.

Jerry SPEIDEL (50) His wife Carol Speidel wrote: Just wanted to share the sad news of my husband’s death on May 12, 2018. Jerry (Gerald) Speidel was a graduate of Lane High with the class of 1950. Jerry was cremated, and a celebration of his life took place on May 19th in Hiawatha, KS. After his retirement from the US Air Force, Jerry served as a trust officer in one of our local banks and was a committed community member serving on many boards. His passion for learning and reading never failed. He, also, always enjoyed receiving the Lane High Newsletter so I thank you on his behalf for the job you do! Sincerely, Carol Speidel

George SCOURAS (50) wrote: Sorry this is late. Physical problems keep me from attending the reunion now and in the past. Thank you for the newsletter.

Anne WOOD Sweeney (51) wrote: We are unable to attend the reunion but would like to receive the newsletter. Thank you!

Martha OGLESBY Lisle (51) wrote: I am planning to attend the reunion in September 2018. I look forward to seeing many old friends. I couldn’t make it last year, but I’ve been to many of the reunions. Thanks for all your work. Martha

Eleanor DICKERMAN (52) wrote: Thanks to all the committees – past and present.

Charles ORSER (53) wrote:I appreciate getting the newsletter I can hold in my hand to read. Enclosed is a check to pay for a roster (when available) and a little extra to help with expenses.

Carlton LUCK (53) wrote: Just want to thank all you fine folks that do anything to keep the Lane High School Alumni program going. It really is a fun picnic each year and Joan and I always enjoy catching up with past friends (not old). Plus this picnic is a great meal. Thank you all so much.

Peggy HAYNES Granger (53) wrote: Thanks so much for the newsletter. Enjoy hearing about All the class mates. Will not attend this year but will be moving back to Virginia next year.

Betty LAMONDS Mawyer (54) wrote: I’m sorry I wouldn’t be attending, but I enjoy your newsletters.

Harriet HARNSBERGER Marshall (55) wrote: Elaine, thanks so much for sending me the Lane Newsletter. I’d like to keep getting it by email please. I made a mistake in listing myself as of the Class of ’59 (that was my college graduation year). Chalk it up to age! Don’t bother correcting it – my classmates of ’55 know I was with them! Harriet Marshall

Harry F. DAVIS (56) wrote: Really enjoy the newsletter – keeps me up to date. My wife and I will be in Myrtle Beach in September.

Emmaline JOHNSON Davis (56) wrote: First off, thank you for the good work you do on the newsletter. Always love information about Lane High and Charlottesville. I am from the class of 1956. In life I had three “besties” at Lane. Ethel MILLER Crowe, Sally HARMAN Jenkins Peters and Jean POLLOK Bohnert. I am sad to report that we had to say goodbye to Jean on July 5, 2018. I wanted to provide this information about Jean so she can be remembered in your next newsletter. She will be missed so much.

Robert F.TAYLOR (57) wrote: Continue sending me the newsletter. Thanks for your good work!

Barbara MOUBRY Ramsey (57) wrote: I cannot make it to the reunion. I will try to next year. Here’s a check to help offset the newsletter expenses. Thanks for the hard work to all who do it.

Sybil WILLIAMS Mahanes (58) wrote: Thanks for all you do– I know this is a hard job.

Joyce TRAVIS Aument (58) wrote: I apologize for not telling you sooner that I will be happy to receive the newsletter by email rather than by paper copy. You do a terrific job of keeping us informed and I thank you for doing so. We are usually taking a fall trip and celebrating our anniversary, 51st this year, and miss the reunions. Fortunately, dear friends of long standing since elementary school, Sybil WILLIAMS Mahanes and Jerry SHOWALTER keep me updated during the year. It sounds like all who do go to the reunions have a wonderful time and are happy staying in touch.

Stuart WATKINS (59) wrote: Will not be able to make this one. Thanks for the update.

Norma WAHL Head (59) wrote: What fun we had years ago when the reunion fell on a time we were with our Mom in town. We have enjoyed the newsletter but would like to have it sent by email. Please use this money to cover costs on our past years and wherever needed. We sure enjoy keeping up with your family through Georgia WAHL (64).

David M. FULLER (59) wrote: I have eye operations and will not make the reunion. Give my best to those who know me.

Rik HEIDLOFF (59) wrote: My cheque enclosed to help defray costs for LHS Reunion related details. Hoping all goes well but alas I am unable to attend. This has been a less than stellar year health-wise and I am focused on rebuilding a better health profile. Inching forward, but definitely forward. My continuing appreciation for your – and others – efforts to make each year a success. Sincerely, Rik Heidloff

Betty Ann Rex Spiers (60) wrote: Great newsletter! You can send it to me via email, erspiers@comcast.net. Thank you.

Joani POWELL Graves (60) wrote: Thank you for sending me the flyer on the Lane Reunion. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, because September 15 is my birthday. We September Birthday People celebrate each year. Sorry. One day I hope to attend. I graduated Lane in 1960 and then moved back to DC and have been here ever since.

Phyllis SHACKELFORD Whitley (61) wrote: Thank you for the much enjoyed newsletter. Your work is appreciated. Please put me on the email list for future newsletters.

Jey ROGERS LeComte (61) wrote: Thank you, Elaine, for the newsletter. I am sure the reunions are fun and wish I would attend…live in CO now so missing out…have a great time.

Sandy DEANE Curtis (64) wrote: Thank you, Elaine. You are a sweetheart to keep us updated! Next year is our 55th. We will help in any way we can.

Richard RUDY (64) wrote: Here is another small donation to help defer the LHS Onward costs. Best wishes to all, Richard

Ann BOOKER Richter (64) wrote: Sorry to miss the event. Have fun! Kind regards from Geneva, Switzerland.

Judy BLANTON Brunger (65) wrote: Scott Leake passed on your website and I would like to be added to your newsletter and website list. This is wonderful and thanks so much for all your efforts and energy on this!

David HOOSE (65) wrote: I am quite late to this party—not ever having been a Facebook user— but I wonder if I might be put on the email list for the LHS Newsletters. If nothing else, I love seeing the names of so many people I knew, either personally or by reputation, particularly those in the classes from ’55 to ’64, the “generation” before I was at Lane. So many who were at Lane during that decade either were friends of my sister, Annie Sharolyn HOOSE Feill (60) or were otherwise famous (or infamous) at LHS, many as part of the Lane High Band. Seeing the Facebook photograph of Albert Crittenden (59) and his fellow uniformed band members brought waves of nostalgia, especially because I recognized virtually everyone’s face—though I remembered virtually no names—all people who were at Lane before I entered the 8th grade and to whom I admiringly looked up. Thank you for the myriad written and photographic memories.

Gordy COLEMAN (65) wrote: I just received a forwarded notice of the Lane HS website and reunion information and would like very much for you to add me to the email list for future news, etc. at your convenience. It’s always great to get news of Lane, especially since I’ve lived in Alabama for the last 34+ years and don’t get much news about the Black Knights!

Mary Katharine HANCOCK Easter (67) wrote: I plan to attend the Multi Class Reunion of Lane Alumni on the 14th. The registration form & check are in the mail to you, thank you! On a different note, I wanted to inform those of my brother’s passing, Robert Alexander HANCOCK (65). He died of cancer on July 14, 2014 at the age of 67. He was born July 5, 1946. Sorry not to get this out sooner.

Jane Ellen MAHANES Teller (68) wrote: I was just forwarded info about the picnic and will plan to attend. Please add me to your email list. And thank you for keeping this together.

Charles MAHANES (68) wrote: Hello – My cousin and classmate Jane Ellen MAHANES Teller (68) forwarded me your info. I understand that you are establishing a data base of Lane graduates and keeping everyone informed of reunions, etc. Please add me to your list. I don’t know if my sister Barbara MAHANES (70) and brother Wallace MAHANES (73) are on your list or not. If not let me know and I will advise them. I appreciate what you are doing.

Beverley BELT McCauley (53) and Clarence E. McCAULEY (52) (known as “Skeeter” in high school) wrote: Thanks so much for all you do to keep our Lane High classmates in touch. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. The newsletter comes to two from Lane at our house who enjoy it.

        9/10/18 Due to Hurricane Florence, we were forced to cancel the                                                      reunions picnic.

Hugh WOLFREY (45) wrote: Thanks for the update; please credit our money to next year’s event. Marge and Hugh Wolfrey

Martha OGLESBY Lisle (51) wrote: I am so sorry that the picnic needs to be cancelled; I was looking forward to it. You can keep my money and use it for the next picnic. What bad luck for the weather to be so bad. Thanks for all your work, Martha.

Julia HARLOW Pace (53) wrote: THANKS TO ALL, I hope everyone appreciates what all this involves. So sorry it had to be cancelled, but understand completely. At my age any year is not guaranteed. Stay dry, Julie

Nancy OAKEY Brown (57) wrote: Thank you for all the info this morning regarding Lane High reunion and roster. I believe we will take a refund of our registration fee as this is the second year in a row that we planned to attend the reunion and hurricanes Irma and now Florence have made us cancel. That is truly unbelievable! The very best to all, Nancy Oakey Brown and Richard BROWN (56).

Susan BROWN Craig (57) wrote: You certainly made the best decision, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness especially to those who would have to travel to get here. Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of Lane alumni.

Chris JOHNSON (57) wrote: Disappointing but definitely not unexpected. Just credit mine towards next year’s event if that’s ok with you. In the event I should not make it, just put it towards reunion expenses. You can also start sending my newsletter to me by email. Thanks so much for all you folks do!

Donna ARMSTRONG O’Quinn (61) wrote: Please refund $40 to me and keep $10 to cover expenses. I was sorry it had to be cancelled but the weather was a big concern. I hope I will be able to attend next year. Thank you, Donna O’Quinn

Diane PLANT Spencer (61) wrote: Thanks for letting us know. I will use my funds sent as a credit for next year. Thank you.

Ben ARBOGAST (65) wrote: When Bob Snoddy called to advise the cancellation of this year’s event, I was in a busy and loud restaurant in the O’Hare Airport in Chicago. At that time, I said to let my $30 ride towards next year’s event. Since then I’ve changed my mind basically since my wife and I travel so much. Please refund me the $30 at your earliest convenience. Ben

Don SHORT (67) wrote: All things considered, but especially the weather, this choice is best. Thanks to all who have worked hard to make it happen. I am sure next year will be a spectacular event. Thanks again, Donnie and Juanita Jo

Don POWERS (67) wrote: All things considered, cancelling is the wisest course of action. Please hold our payment to be applied to next year’s event. Thanks, Don and Debbie Powers
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Susan TROGDON Barnett (68) wrote: Please apply payment as well as my Mom’s – Mary BIRCKHEAD Trogdon – to next year’s picnic. Please mail the roster to my Mom: Mary BIRCKHEAD Trogdon (46) We will miss everyone, appreciate all your work but so thankful for your thoughtfulness in cancelling! Blessings, Susan Trogdon Barnett. ===============================================================

                                             IN MEMORIAM

Lloyd MILLER                                  40              08/01/2018
Alison DOVEL Crews                      41              01/27/2018
James “Monk” BINGLER                42              08/09/2018
Christine COLEMAN Wirt              42             11/04/2017
Claude WOOD                                  42              01/26/2015
John Paul BROOKS                          43              10/09/2018
Betty Jo DETTOR Via                       44              08/09/2018
Dwight “Hooper” ADAMS              45              07/08/2017
Anna MAUPIN Faris                        45              08/04/2018
Teddy WOOD                                    45                         2017
Patricia CHAFFIN Horton              47               09/11/2018
Albert YANCEY                                 47               09/21/2018
Harriette TEBELL Long                  49               09/04/2018
Richard “Dick” BRITTON                49               10/03/2018
Gerald “Jerry” SPEIDEL                  50                05/12/2018
Mary MORRIS Wood                       51                07/21/2018
Mary Katherine HUTCHINSON Coleman 51    06/07/2018
Charles LONG                                   53                09/30/2018
Lloyd “L.F.” WOOD                          55               10/11/2018
William GORDON                            56                03/15/2018
Jean POLLOK Bohnert                    56                07/05/2018
Peggy WELLS Holsapple                56                10/07/2018
Mollie JOHNSON Allen                   58                 08/19/2017
Roger CASH                                       61                10/04/2018
Suzanne MICAUD Best                    61                           2015
George W. HOWELL                        62                07/27/2018
Thomas “Tommy” PARR                 63                07/28/2018
John “Steve” SCARBROUGH           64                09/12/2018
Robert Alexander HANCOCK         65                07/14/2014
John Joseph AUSTIN                         67                07/18/2018
Patricia Ann MAHANES Rohm       67               08/28/2018
Elaine PRICE Nuckols                       68                07/20/2018
Steve MUSULIN                                 69                08/10/2018
Shelby MAWYER McAllister           70                07/17/2018
Sheila BURKE Cole                            74                09/28/2018