February 2017

February 2017   Vol. 55

Website: LaneHSOnward.com

4408 Dogwood Dr
Palmyra, VA 22963-4641
Phone: 434-591-0033

Jane SMITH Thomas (67)
639 Big Oak Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22908-9730
Phone: 434-979-5932
Email: jst4jaja@gmail.com

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
Lane Classmates from
ALL classes are welcome!

Picnic: Friday Sept. 15 at Darden Towe Park
3:00 PM until dark $15.00

We will publish the 2017 Roster this spring.
Jane SMITH Thomas (67) has agreed to be the Roster
Registrar (see her contact info above.) If you wish a printed
Roster, send her
a note with $6.00 for printing/postage.
If you wish your Roster sent
via email (PDF format) send
her an email request for same. Let Jane
know if you wish
both a printed and an email version.

The Newsletter and Reunions now include ALL Lane
Classmates including 1974. This will be reflected in
News of
Classmates, listing of any other Lane Reunions and Obituaries.

We encourage everyone to visit our website,
LaneHSOnward.com frequently. Webmaster, Elaine
ACREE Pleasants (64) works hard to keep it current with
something of interest for all Lane High School Classmates,
including a copy of this Newsletter.

If you do NOT wish to receive a paper copy of these
Newsletters, please email, phone or send a note. We’ll
keep you in the database (and Rosters) but discontinue
mailing Newsletters.

If you have any change in your status that we should
know of (address, phone number, email, etc.) please notify
Nancy TYLER OAKEY (434-293-4243) or ooakey@netscape.net

They provide the funds for printing, postage and other Newsletter
Roster expenses. Although we do not acknowledge your gifts
we are truly grateful for all of them, big or small. The list
of donors and their
hometowns is on the website. Checks for donations
should be made out to
Lane High Reunions and sent to: Barbara Turner,
963 Devon Spring Ct,
Charlottesville, 22903-7833 

The Class of 1957 will be celebrating their 60 years anniversary in
September on the eve before the Multiclass Reunion so plan to
attend both events! Additional information will be highlighted in
the next newsletter. 

On Friday September 16, 2016 about 200 classmates gathered at
Darden Towe
Park for our annual Lane High Reunion. We had
representatives from every class
from 1941 through 1976 with the
exception of 69, 72, 73 and 75.
Dan TOWNSEND, as he has for
many years, represented the class of 1941 along
with his son, Jim
TOWNSEND from the class of 1971. Elsom JOHNSON (43)
and his daughter, Jackie JOHNSON Lockwood (63) attended.
BIRCKHEAD Trogdon (46) came with her daughter, Susan
Barnett (68). The classes of 1952 and 1955 tied for
having the
most classmates attending (18), with the class of 57
close behind. 
The classes of 53, 54 and 56 were also well represented.
We were
blessed with near perfect weather, a great day to reconnect
with those
who have attended for many years as well as welcome a
number of first
time attendees.  Some of those had heard about the
reunion through
Facebook and our website.  Elaine ACREE
Pleasants (64)
has done a masterful job of maintaining the
LaneHSOnward.com. If you have not visited it, please
do so. You will love the information and
pictures there! This year
we welcomed some younger classmates
to help keep our reunions
Jane SMITH Thomas (67) served as Registrar, receiving
and recording registrations and donations. 
Diane PLANT Spencer
and Brenda WEAKLEY Croxton (61) worked with Wayside
Takeout and Catering to make sure that we had
plenty of food.
We actually had some left over due to the 24 classmates
sent in reservations but did not attend. (Dang!)
Scott LEAKE (66) sent three of his classmates to help set up tables,
chairs and small pop-up tents. Some members of the committee who
have been coordinating reunion picnics for 10 or more years were still
on the job. Bob (50) and Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG SNODDY (50)
produced the August newsletter and with the help of Oran (43)
and Nancy TYLER OAKEY (48) folded, stuffed, stamped and mailed
about 1,300 of them. Our thanks to Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64)
who maintains the database and generated mailing labels from it.
Nancy Oakey (48), as she has for many years, organized badges
and made lists so that we could check off those who came. Bill
ALDERMAN (55) took care of renting tents, tables and chairs and
made sure we had enough paper goods, cold drinks and ice. Anna
Jane HAYES (55) and Barbara TURNER (55) arranged for the
delivery of the lovely chrysanthemums that decorated our tables.
Betty BRANHAM Glass Paine (50) worked with Albemarle Parks
and Recreation to make sure the facilities were spic and span and
well lighted. Many hands helped produce our 2016 picnic. One
thing we need for future reunions is more folks to stay and help
ake down the tables, chairs and small tents and clean up the area.
Please volunteer at the Picnic!
With the help of younger classmates, we hope that the “all class
reunion” will be carried on into the future.

As we add classmates from the 60s and 70s, we find they are a
generation in constant contact with rapidly changing technology.
When our 9 year old grandson was a baby his sisters were glued
to a 24″ computer screen. Now, he and the rest of his family are
glued to iPhones and iPads which do everything the computer
did just a decade ago and much more. Many of you have asked
that Newsletters and Rosters be sent by email, which we are
happy to do if you have given us your email address. Newsletters
and Reunion Registration Forms are posted on our wonderful website
Elaine ACREE Pleasants (64) keeps current). However, there
are still many of us who don’t depend on social media for everything,
who still prefer a paper copy that they can actually hold in their hands
and read. If you are one of those, never fear, we will still be mailing
Newsletters to the classmates on our database who prefer them.
Help us make the Newsletters more interesting by sending in your
news.  “If you enjoy reading news of others, they will enjoy reading
your news.”

Perhaps some of you may have wondered how the Lane High
School website and the Database differ.

The website offers all that is necessary to be completely connected
to the activities of the Lane High Reunions Committee. There, one
can read plus print the latest Newsletter, view a list of classmates, by
year, for whom we have a city and state address. One can also view the
Chains for years 1940-74, except 1968, 1970-71, and 1973. There is a
history of the Multi-Class Reunions, the latest notes from classmates,
and often a feature article. No personal information is online.

The Database dates from before technology took over. It is simply
personal data that is necessary for U.S. mailing. It is not online. In the
past, a class was entered after it celebrated its 50
th anniversary, a time
when a current list of members was usually available. Classes from
1939-1961 plus 1963 and 1965 are on the database. There will most
likely be no more entire classes added because of their size.
Everything will remain the same for those who have been on the
database for years unless one’s information changes.

One who wishes to be included in our Roster, which is published
each fall after the annual picnic, and those who wish to receive a
paper copy of our Newsletters or the Roster will need to be added

First Name, LANE (Birth) name, LAST NAME, maiden name (if any)
-Class year
-Street address (plus any Apt. or Unit #)
-City and state with 9 digit zip code (or 5 digit)
-Phone Number (xxx)-xxx-xxxx format
-Spouse name, if also a Lane Alumnus: class year
-Email address
-How do you wish to receive your Newsletter: by US Mail or by Email?
SEND TO: Nancy Oakey
(434) 293-4243 or
Elaine Pleasants: dandepleasants@outlook.com


Hazel BRYANT Zuchelli Houston (51) emailed: Unfortunately I cannot
attend the reunion this year due to a conflict. I would like to make a request.
I am seeking a Chain from 1951, my graduation year. Somehow mine
disappeared and I would really like to replace it. If there is a way to make a
request, I would be most appreciative.  I will gladly reimburse mailing
expenses to anyone who will part with a 1951 Chain.
My info:

Hazel BRYANT Zuchelli Houston (51)
900 N Taylor Street, Apt 1724
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 528-1724

Anne WOOD Sweeney (51): We are unable to make the reunion this year.
I would like to continue to receive the newsletter. Thank you!

Lee GRAVES (75): Please include me in your next reunion. I’ll be attending
Julian GRAVES (57)

Col. Ed DAY (48): Really looking forward to this gathering.

David I. CARTER (44): Many thanks for all the work. See you on the
16th of September!

Jane BERRYMAN Dudley (57): Sorry, I won’t be able to attend this year.
One of my grandsons is getting married that weekend. I look forward to
being at next year’s event!

Betty LAMONDS Mawyer (54): Thank you for all your hard work. I’m
sorry I can’t attend but hope this donation will help toward printing and
postage of newsletter. I so enjoy it!

David Young MILLER (52): Thank you for taking on this task, Jane!

Frederick C. “Rik” HEIDLOFF (59): The enclosed cheque is to help
defray expenses for this year’s event, etc. I am not able to attend but
want to help “keep the boat afloat” as we motor on on life’s great ocean.
My best wishes to all, and especially the class of 1959 attendees. I am
sorry to read in the recent bulletin of the passing of
Bebo PURCELL (59).
In recent years (now, not so recent) I would enjoy dinner out with Bobby
HALL, another ’59er.  GREAT PEOPLE! I hope everything goes well for
upcoming events. The middle of September is difficult for me to schedule
travel and attend events. MY LOSS when I can’t fit ’em in. Thanks for your
help in doing the job you do in honor of Lane High and its people.

Jean SADLER Surgi (43) wrote: I have just decided to come to the
reunion this year, but I can’t get my printer to print the registration form,
so I am passing this info on to you to handle, if you will. I know that I am
past the deadline, but I hope that my registration will be accepted anyway.
The Sadler family is having a reunion in Charlottesville on Saturday,
Sept. 17, and my granddaughter is coming down on Friday to be there
in time on Saturday to help with preparations for that, since she and a
cousin are the event planners.
I no longer drive and do not go out of the house anywhere without someone
to help me – I have balance issues. So I would like to attend the LHS reunion,
along with my granddaughter, Erika Sorrel, and her daughter, Kiera (21
months).  If it is o.k. with you, I will pay when I get there. Hope to see you

Sarah FAULCONER Carlton (43) wrote: I am sorry I will not be able to
attend the Lane High School reunion this year. A big “hello” to all of my
schoolmates of ’43 – May GOD bless.

Jean FRIEDLEIN Zipperer (54) wrote: Sorry to take so long to
reply.  I am slowly recovering from total knee replacement in August.
I have sad news to be related to classmates of 53 & 54. First, my
husband of 52 years suddenly passed away in January 2015. As many
already knew, my brother
Walter Lewis (Bubby) FRIEDLEIN (54)
was battling cancer at that time. He lost the fight on August 13, 2015.
So you may understand how difficult all of this has been for all us.
My children and grandchildren remain a great source of joy and
keep me grounded. We have always been close to my brother and
his family and will remain so. I love reading the Newsletter each
year and wish the very best for everyone. Please share my email
address with anyone interested:

Frank Perkins (56): Thank you for the LHS Reunions Newsletters
you have been sending over the years.  I have thoroughly enjoyed
reading them. Your efforts and those of Jane are much appreciated.
Life here in Hawaii is good. With all the water sports and hiking
that are available for one to enjoy, I regret arriving here so late in life.
The old muscles, bones and joints don’t cooperate well enough to
participate in the more vigorous activities. However, the vistas are
spectacular and nicely varied particularly when one treats oneself to
trips to the neighboring islands.  I frequently drive about a mile from
the house, pull off the road and sit on cliffs overlooking the water to
watch the humpback whales breaching fairly close into shore and,
of course, spectacular wave action at the base of the cliffs. In addition,
there still lives a spirit of Aloha here so I can’t complain.
I hope all goes well for you and yours. By the way, although my
knowledge is dated, I still have memories of what Palmyra looked
like many years ago, having been born in Dixie only a few miles up
the road from you. It is nice to be able to say that I was born in Dixie
and that is a fact.

Doneitta MATTEX Quillon (58) wrote, Wow! What an interesting
newsletter. I finally took time to look it up on the web site. Thank you
all for giving of your time and talents to provide so much information
for us. My husband, Dale and I have been on your mailing list. You
may take us off, from now on we will be looking at it on the web.

Martha Ann Sibley wrote: I received your Newsletter today and felt
I should let you know that my husband,
Ben SIBLEY, Class of 1951,
passed away June 23, 2016. We have been living in New Smyrna Beach,
FL since 2001 and were married for 55 years. Our two children and
three grandchildren miss him very much.

James Gault of San Francisco, CA (not a Lane alum) was doing
genealogy research about a family that was associated with
Jim BICKLEY (48).
James Gault knew that Jim had attended Lane
High School, and his search found the LaneHSOnward.com website.
He saw that there had been a reunion and the link “Interested
who attended – Click here”. There, on the list, was Jim Bickley.
So he contacted us with a request for contact information for Jim.
We honored his request.  Later, he emailed, “Many thanks to you
for sending me the contact info on Jim Bickley. It is terrific that
the Lane High School students keep in touch and have such a
strong school spirit. I had a very nice telephone visit with Jim
this morning! Best wishes, Jim Gault

Stuart RICHARDSON Dopp (58) (though my family moved to NVA
the summer before my senior year.) Thank you so much for helping
with the Lane reunions. Though I haven’t been able to attend yet,
it is comforting to know that the spirit is alive and well. My husband
and I have recently moved to Williamsburg, both to be near family
(including my brother,
Howard RICHARDSON (53) and to facilitate
our involvement with William and Mary, our joint alma mater.
What a great enterprise this is — even a website. Who says old dogs
can’t learn new tricks (though the use of that hackneyed cliche may
suggest otherwise…). I enjoyed the article on the website about the
Keith brothers’ cars. We lived in their childhood home, Keithwood,
from 1998-2007, so it was fun to see it in the background of one
of the pictures. Charlottesville is full of good memories for me.
I hated to leave it but am happy here in Williamsburg also.

See www.dailyprogress.com for the full text of most of these obituaries.

Virginia HARRIS Marshall (41) died November 4, 2016.

June THOMAS Moon (41) passed away August 16, 2016, at Hospice
House.  She graduated from Jefferson Business School and was employed
by the County of Albemarle for thirty-nine years, retiring as an administrative
assistant to the County Executive. June is survived by her sister,
Peggy T
HOMAS Madison (53) of Ruckersville VA.

Daniel TOWNSEND Jr. (41) died January 31, 2017. Daniel was a veteran
of WWII, serving in the United States Army during the last siege of the Battle
of the Bulge. Following the war, he returned to Charlottesville where he was
employed with the C&O Railroad for forty-four years. He returned to the work
force years later at Kroger Rio Hill where he proudly wore his WWII Veteran’s

Beulah “Bea” ADDINGTON Grant (42) died September 21, 2016, in
Oakland CA. Born in Charlottesville, her family lived in rural Virginia in a
humble two room home built by her father which had neither electricity or
running water.  Bea’s childhood was dominated by the Great Depression.
Luckier than many, they later moved into the city where her father became
a general contractor.  After high school Bea graduated from Jefferson
Business School and then began her career in Washington D.C. during
WWII, working in the State Department in the office of Secretary of State
Dean Acheson. After the war she assisted Fleet Admiral William F.
“Bull” Halsey in writing his autobiography at UVa. Back in D.C.
she joined the Justice Department and was assigned to the Washington
FBI office and then to the Chicago office. She was predeceased by her
Harold ADDINGTON (51), who was killed during the Korean War.

Violet DOLLENS Anderson (43) died August 14, 2016. She took a
position as a secretary in Alderman Library after high school. In 1952
she became a Navy wife and traveled and lived in multiple locations
in the U.S. and Canada. She and her husband retired to Charlottesville.

Mildred SEILER Powell (43) passed away July 31, 2016. Mildred
graduated from the Jefferson Professional Institute. In 1948 she went
to work for Bruton and Co. where she was employed for over forty
years as Office Manager and Secretary of the Corporation. She and
her husband operated V.M.P’s Antique Corner in the Antiquers’ Mall
in Charlottesville for many years.

Thelma (Peggy) SHELTON Oakey (43) died November 24, 2016 in
Fayetteville TN at the home of her son. She was predeceased by her
SGM (ret.) Joseph H OAKEY (45).

Dean ETTL (44) died October 22, 2016 at his home in Frederick, MD.
He joined the U.S. Army, serving in the Pacific during WWII. After his
discharge he studied art at Temple University in Philadelphia. For
several years he worked in the family business, Ettl Art Center, in
Connecticut, a manufacturer and distributor of Da Vinci clay and
sculpting tools and equipment. Dean’s family had owned and
operated Ettl Studios in New York City, a monument casting
company. In the early 1900’s, the only way to get sculpture cast
into monuments was to send it back to Europe. Dean’s grandfather
built a monument foundry in the heart of New York City and
developed a more accurate method for enlarging statues into
monuments. Their work can be found all around the U.S.
For most of his life, Dean worked in the construction industry
as a surveyor.  He worked on many buildings in the Washington
metropolitan area, including Dulles Airport.

Norton G. PRITCHETT. Jr. (46) “Bud” of Brevard NC died
November 18, 2016. Survivors include his wife,
Pritchett (46), and his brother, William PRITCHETT (47). Bud served
his country with the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan at the end of WWII and
was an officer in the Army Reserve. He graduated from UVa, earning
his Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in Education. For five years
he was the founding Headmaster of The Belfield School in Charlottesville
before moving to Lexington KY to join the faculty of The Lexington School.
In 1960 he became Headmaster, working in that capacity for twenty years,
planning and establishing a quality educational program for the young
school. Before his retirement in 1994, he worked for twelve years as a
Trust Officer at Central Bank and Trust Co. in Lexington.

George Cleveland BRANNOCK (47) died December 9, 2016. He
attended George Washington University and then enrolled in the US Navy
where he served as a 3rd Class Petty Officer on the USS Perry from
1948-1952. After serving in the Navy, George returned to Charlottesville
where he began a career in banking at People’s National Bank. He served
as a Trust Officer and then entered the brokerage business in 1967.

Jason I ECKFORD, Jr. (47) passed away September 28, 2016 at
his home.  Among his survivors is his sister,
Wooster (43). As a child Jason lived on 14th Street, across from
Venable School, with a pony in the back yard. After graduating from
Lane he spent a year at Episcopal High School in Alexandria. He
earned a B.A. in English from UVa, and he attended Stonier Graduate
School of Banking in 1964. Jason served in the U.S. Marine Corps
from 1948-1958. He was a naval gunfire spotter with his unit placed in
Wonsan Harbor, Korea in 1953. He was later stationed in Oahu, Hawaii.
Jason was a well-recognized figure in the Charlottesville banking
community.  He spent thirty-six years with three local banks that over this
period of time had thirteen different names. He was first employed by
Peoples National Bank and lastly by Bank of America.

Charles “Charlie” CARROLL, Jr. (48) died October 26, 2016, at
Morningside Assisted Living. After serving in the U.S. Army from 1951 until
1953, Charlie graduated from UVa McIntire School of Commerce in 1957.

John M HERR, Jr. (48) passed away June 15, 2016 in Bedford Va. After a
hike in the beautiful sunshine at The Peaks of Otter off the Blue Ridge Parkway,
he sat resting with his wife Lucrecia. He reached out, touched her hand, and
breathed his last breath. Dr Herr was Distinguished Professor Emeritus
in the Department of Biology at the University of South Carolina. He
graduated from UVa with BA and MA degrees, from University of NC with
a Ph.D in botany, and served at the University of New Delhi on a
Fulbright Fellowship.  During his thirty-four years at USC, Dr. Herr
taught botany courses and performed notable research in flowering
plant embryology. For twenty-three years following his retirement,
he contributed his wisdom to the university and multiple students and
researchers.  His office and lab were never silent.

Ronald P. SLAUGHTER (51) passed away August 4, 2016, at the Lodge
at Old Trail. After high school Ronald enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the
Korean conflict. Upon completion of military service, he enrolled in the
School of Engineering at UVa. He received his Bachelor of Engineering
degree in 1960 and went to work with the Martin Company in Baltimore,
working on the Titan II Space Project. He returned to Charlottesville in
1962 and joined Sperry Marine as an electrical engineer, retiring in 1993.
Ron joined the Charlottesville Volunteer Fire Company in 1955 under
Chief Lionel S. Key. He resigned from that company in 1976 to form
Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department which he considered his
greatest accomplishment.  He was considered by many as the “Father
of the Seminole Trail Fire Department”. Ron is survived by his brother,
Thomas SLAUGHTER (48).

John E “Johnnie” MASSEY Teel (52) passed away at her home in
North Garden January 17, 2017. She was a fifth generation native of
North Garden.  Among her survivors is her sister,
Mary Edge
MASSEY Vath (49)
of South Carolina.

Genevieve HOUCHENS Bellomy (53) passed away at her home
January 26, 2017. Genevieve, “Miss Daisy”, is survived by her
lifelong best friend and partner,
Riley BELLOMY (57).

Ronald KITE (53) passed away December 29, 2016. He was owner of
the former Meadowbrook Hardware for fifty-three years. Ronald is
survived by his wife,
Cornelia JARMAN Kite (55).

Shirley BELLOMY Baltins (54) died January 4, 2017. She had a
long career at the National Bank and Trust Co. Shirley is survived
by a sister,
Charlotte BELLOMY Griffith (51), and a brother,
Riley BELLOMY (57).

James Aubrey “Duke” HANEY, Jr. (54) passed away August 30, 2016.
James served in the U.S. Navy for four years. He retired from Brady-
Bushey Ford as an automobile salesman. James was an avid sportsman
who enjoyed golf and bowled with the Virginia Professional Bowling
Association. He played baseball with the Zion’s Zips and with the
Stanardsville team. He also coached and umpired for Youth Baseball
as well as ushered for the UVa football and basketball teams.

Helen HOPKINS Dunn (55) passed away November 17, 2016.

Walter Ross CREBBS (56) died October 4, 2016, at Sentara Martha
Jefferson Hospital. Ross retired from the U.S. Postal Service after
twenty-eight years of civil service. Prior employment was with the
FBI, Charlottesville Police Department, and Albemarle Sheriff’s
Department. After retirement from the Postal Service he was a
tractor-trailer driver and amassed more than a million miles
driving through the U.S. He also drove a school bus for the City of
Charlottesville. Ross is survived by his brother,
Richard M CREBBS
(Lane;Rock Hill 63)

Sandra CRAWFORD Campbell (63) died at her residence in Crozet
VA September 10, 2016. She retired from State Farm Insurance after
twenty-seven years.

Lester Randolph “Rand” AMISS Jr. (65) passed away November 2, 2016.
After graduating from Lane, he served as an OR Tech for the Navy in
Vietnam. He later graduated from the Madison extension of UVa with a
degree in nursing. Rand retired from UVa Department of Plastic Surgery
as a Microsurgery Technician with thirty-four years of service. He served
as president of the International Association of Microsurgery Technicians.
Rand is survived by his mother,
Virginia CUMMINGS Amiss (42), his wife,
Janice MULLINNIX Amiss (69), his sister, Beverly AMISS Hornstein (68),
and his brother,
Matthew AMISS (CHS 76).

Charles Stevenson “Steve” TRADER (65) passed away August 19, 2016.
Charles played football at Lane and was a member of the 1963 State
Football Champions. He attended Greenbrier Military Academy and
Bridgewater College. He retired from the Buckingham Branch
Railroad and started his volunteer service with the Blue Ridge Food

Thomas Lee LIVELY (69) died December 2, 2016. Thomas attended
Chowan College and Elon University, followed by attaining his Master
of Education at UVa. His career as an educator began and ended in
Albemarle County.  He taught in several schools, but most of his career
was spent at Walton Middle School where he was a seventh grade teacher.

Virginia GREENWOOD Pattison (70) died August 15, 2016 at home with
family. Virginia was in the first class of women admitted to Virginia Tech.
She graduated from Franklin College in Columbus, Ohio after which she
began her career as a CPA, specializing in tax accounting. As a member
of an Air Force family, Virginia traveled the world and lived in many
places growing up in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts,
New York, Illinois, Germany, Charlottesville, and Columbus, Ohio.

Wesley E. PHILLIPS (71) died August 27, 2016. Wes was a writer,
audiophile and music lover who worked for and contributed to
“Stereophile” for many years. He shared his deep knowledge and
love of music, literature, and good food with family, friends, and all
who came in contact with him. His enthusiasm knew no bounds.

Howard “Hal” L. HUNTLEY, JR. (72) passed away August 8, 2016. He
graduated from Davidson College in 1976 with a major in French. He
studied in France and loved their culture, thriving in work environs
where his fluency was needed. He worked as an accountant his entire

Deborah MORRIS Stone (74) of Midlothian, Virginia passed away in January
2017. Deborah received her RN degree from Piedmont Community College in